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Second-hand travel in Australia

Australia is the land of sunshine and smiles. Unless you are in Melbourne during the winter of course, in which case it’s the land of cold weather and no household heating. However, regardless of where you may be and when, Australia is still an amazing place to visit and with the advent of cheap air-travel, you no longer have to break the bank to get there. You can buy low price airfare in November, February or March and see what the home of the kangaroo has to offer for yourself.

As with everything you buy these days, it helps to shop online to find flights that are for sale. There are a number of different websites that offer special flight deals and if you are flexible about the dates you want to travel then you can save a lot of money.

Sadly in Australia, your worries are not confined to the cost of the flight. It is a pretty expensive place to visit, with food and accommodation taking up most of your money. Travel and entertainment while you are there is also a potential money concern. But don’t let that stop you. Australia is a beautiful place to visit and there are canny ways that you can save money. Firstly, if you need to buy clothes or equipment for the trip, check out second hand websites where you can find decent used goods for sale. Think about the things that you are going to need - beachwear and other sporting goods . You may find yourself learning to surf, for example. A surfboard is an expensive bit of kit, even if you are just renting. It can pay to find a decent used one for sale. You can always sell it on at the end of your trip to earn some money back.

Camper Vans

In terms of travel and accommodation, it may work out cheaper to buy a second hand camper van. You can buy used vans direct from a site or even find a vehicle auction. This will help reduce costs spent on train travel and hostels - two of the biggest expenses you will face. If you are young enough to qualify for a working visa, then you can often offset living costs by working at hostels in a deal to stay there and eat food.

Once in Australia and fully kitted out with the things you need, there are some incredible places to see. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney are well worth a visit for food, music and other culture. See Sydney Harbour or go for a fantastic brunch in Melbourne. Further up the coast you have the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast and sunshine coast (need sunglasses ? ->serengeti sunglasses in sydney) where you can get more of a feel for Australian wildlife. It’s definitely worth stopping off at Byron Bay for a chilled, hippy vibe and lots of fantastic music. Finally, if you are feeling really adventurous, head out into the wilderness of Australia’s famous outback. But be sure to use local guides and stay safe!