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Finding the right price for your gear

As with any outdoor or extreme sport, surfing gear isn’t cheap, though it is essential.  The waters of the Southern Ocean can be incredibly cold so you’d be wise to get yourself a full-length wetsuit that can keep you comfortable.  If you’re new to surfing there’s a good chance you’ll need to buy all your gear at the same time, which is where hindrances like a travel budget start getting in the way.  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can save yourself a lot of hassle, worry and money, if you look in the right place.

Firstly, forget buying new and buy used.  It’s incredibly simple.  It won’t take long at all to find used clothing or used equipment for sale, whether it’s from ads in the local classifieds or surfing communities in the area.  You could also look at finding an online auction offering surf gear for sale or used for sale website on the Internet.  It’s surprising just how easy it is to find a cheap price for quality boards and wetsuits.  You may even find a local surf shop that has a few items on sale for a special or seasonal promotion.

While renting is always an option, it can still become costly if you spend any length of time in Adelaide.  The other great benefit of buying used is that you can always sell your equipment when you move on.  After all, there will be plenty of people turning up to surf and looking for cheap surf gear, just like you are.



The country’s fifth most populous city and capital of the state of South Australia, Adelaide is a very peaceful, well laid out city that is home to around one and a half million Australians.  It’s close proximity to the Flinders Ranges, the wine country and the formidable southern waters of the Great Australian Bight, places Adelaide right up high on the popularity index.

Adelaide is home to many beautiful parks, notably Adelaide Botanic Garden.  It’s also renowned for hosting many large sporting events and festivals, offering excellent food and wine and having a positively thriving music scene.  It has to be said that Adelaide is a very agreeable place to live.  In fact in 2010, it was ranked in the top ten most livable cities in the world.


While cities like Sydney generally take the limelight in terms of sand, sun and surf, Adelaide is also a very strong contender and offers some of Australia’s most challenging surf breaks.

Adelaide is nestled conveniently between the Yorke Peninsula and the Fleurieu Peninsula, both approximately one hour away.  Sellicks Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula is perfect for all abilities and is a wonderful spot to visit, even if you’re not there for the surf.

For ‘serious’ surfers, who generally travel the globe in search of the best breaks, The Eyre Peninsula is a surfer’s paradise and features some 2000 kilometres of pristine coastline with bitter cold waters.