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Making the most of your budget

As with most cities in Australia, the only real downside is that it generally isn’t cheap, though this shouldn’t put you off in any way.  With a little thought and a bit of planning, it’s actually quite easy to make significant savings in the attempt to keep your travel budget intact.  Any visitor considering surfing or getting involved with any of the watersports or outdoor activities, would be mistaken in thinking that popping in to a local outdoors shop would be the easiest and best: possibly the easiest way, but certainly not the best.

The best way to make any kind of decent savings would be to forget the idea of looking to buy new, and to buy used.  There are many online second hand or used for sale websites and online auctions offering used clothing and equipment for sale, but if shopping is really your thing, then there are still cheap alternatives to take advantage of.  The average outdoor shop will often put on a special promotion, listing certain lines of equipment or outdoor clothing on sale.  You would be very surprised at how such a cheap price can be so readily available, just by looking beneath the surface.  Locals often list items for sale in noticeboards or local classifieds too, so it shouldn’t take you long to find a suitable bargain, save a lot of cash and get the most out of your time in Australia.



Newcastle is the second most populous area in the state of New South Wales and is situated some 160 or so kilometres north of Sydney.  It sits at the mouth of the Hunter River, which flows into the Tasman Sea to a major harbor port, servicing one of the world’s largest exporters of coal.  Busy both day and night, the port has also seen a vast increase in cruise ship traffic.

Newcastle also provides relatively easy access to the Watagans National Park and is known for its stunning beaches, which stretch from Port Stephens (home to over 25 beautiful beaches and serene bays and an abundance of marine life) in the north, right down to Lake Macquarie in the south.  Lake Macquarie is an exceptional place to visit.  It’s actually double the size of Sydney Harbour and is exceedingly popular with cyclists and trekkers and offers a number of water sport activities such as fishing, sailing and kayaking.  For visitors who happen to be a tad nervous swimming in the open water, Newcastle offers a variety of enclosed ocean pools, which have become very popular over the years.

Culturally, Newcastle is also valued for its many festivals, in particular the Newcastle Jazz festival, which occupies a full three days each August.  Later this year (2017), it’s also going to host a round of the ‘V8 Supercars Championship’.

Along with football, ice hockey, basketball and a full on rugby following, the city’s residents and visitors enjoy a rapidly growing music scene, excellent nightlife and superb dining.  As it’s situated in close proximity to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle is home to Australia’s oldest wine growing area and includes over 150 well-established wineries.