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Saving Money in Perth

Perth not the cheapest city in the world to visit, but neither is it the most expensive. It pays to watch the pennies though. If you are going to be there a while, make sure you get the best price on goods by looking at used goods for sale online. If buying something big like a car or even a house there are a number of well respected auction houses in the area that deal with large purchases.

Finding used cars for sale is an easy enough task in Perth, but make sure that you know exactly what you are getting. If you don’t know anything about cars, get a more savvy friend come take a look with you. There are a bunch of good quality thrift shops in the area where you can find used clothes for sale too.

If you like your cities a bit rough and rugged, then Perth is definitely a place to consider. Just a couple of hours drive out of the city and you are in the wilderness of the outback. This is a great place for wildlife fans - all of the classic Australian animals frequent this region. Check out the koalas and kangaroos in Perth’s local zoo, or just head out of town to see them in the wild.

It’s a big sporting city too - there a number of Australian-rules football clubs in the area. Its definitely worth checking out this high tempo, all action game. Cricket and rugby are represented in this area.

So whether considering living there or just passing through, Perth is highly recommended as another addition to your Australian itinerary. Make sure you catch everything the city has to offer by looking at an online guide to the area.


Second hand Shopping in Perth

The west coast of Australia maybe less travelled than the more popular east but there is still lots to see and do. Visiting the city of Perth is a must if you find yourself in that area. Set on the Swan river, it boasts a population of around 2 million and is the capital of Western Australia. Whether you like to shop or sightsee, there are plenty of attractions in and around Perth to keep you occupied. From the delightful architecture in the city’s port (Fremantle), to the malls of Perth CBD there are many things to see and do.

Western Australia is known for its mining and other industry but don’t let that put you off. There is some very beautiful countryside within spitting distance of Perth. It’s a little easier to travel to as it is closer to the rest of the world. You can buy some really cheap flights nowadays if you are flexible about when you travel. There are some sites with last minute flights on sale too, you have to be more flexible about the destinations you travel to, but they can save you a lot of money.