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A Shift in Shopping Trends

Ironically however, shopping trends and consumer spending habits have proved to be changing, and something that is an ongoing threat to modern high street retailers.  The bottom line is that the public is simply starting to look elsewhere when it comes to buying consumer or end user products.  It’s not necessarily down to how price either, though it does have a lot to do with value.

In short, and after a recent survey conducted online with a healthy cross-section of shoppers, it seems that the general public are more interested in looking to buy used items for sale than handing over their hard earned cash in a modern retail store.  There has clearly been an increase in popularity with local auctions, where sellers can offer pre-loved products for sale at a price that mutually benefits both buyer and seller.

This increase in popularity and general shift in spending patterns has also been evident among the general public advertising their unwanted used items for sale in local classifieds (both in publications and online), as well as shoppers capitalizing on purchasing items on sale at a local shop, cheap items at community fairs and used products boasting an attractive price for sale online.

It is a change that has brought with it huge concerns among retailers and it’s also something that will be monitored and possibly countered in the near future.

Edmonton, as well as Canada in general, is highly developed.  There could be many reasons for this shift in spending patterns.  People are becoming a lot more conscious about their diet, health and general well being, especially in the context of family.  The concept of having ‘too much stuff’ is continuously being embraced and people are spending money hiring life coaches to help them achieve their goals and thus ‘a perfect life’, or spending money hiring other lifestyle gurus to help them de-clutter their homes and essentially, their lives.  Canada certainly has its finger on the pulse so to speak and it will be very interesting to see how things develop.



Straddling both banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and sits quite centrally in the province.  It is also North America’s northernmost city, and despite its long cold winters it is still home to just over a million happy Edmontonians.

Following a hefty investment in art and culture, Edmonton boasts a splendid selection of outstanding theatres and museums.  It is also very well renowned for hosting a number of significant festivals throughout the year, each of them fortifying Edmonton’s alternative identity as Canada’s Festival City.


If you’re inclined to shop, you really couldn’t have found a better place.  Edmonton is positively teeming with retail outlets and is quite literally a shopper’s paradise.  This claim to fame is very well justified: West Edmonton Mall for example, is the largest shopping (and leisure) centre in North America and is also ranked as the 10th largest shopping mall in the world, and is often utilised as a preliminary testing ground for big American brands.