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Local Attractions

Most visitors to Toronto make visiting Niagara Falls a high priority. To have something so spectacular on your doorstep (on and a half hours away by car) is quite a talking point, but still, there are many other attractions and points of interest is this wonderful city.

Toronto is refreshingly easy to get around.  Boasting an extensive subway system and bus network, navigating the city and its suburbs can be achieved with relative ease.  It also has an extensive network of bicycle lanes, which makes getting around all the more pleasurable.

With a huge performing arts scene (over fifty dance and ballet schools), a healthy mix of live concert venues and world-renowned carnivals, Toronto is rich in culture.  It’s also home to a fine selection of museums, art galleries, parks and heritage sites.

There’s no doubt that living in Toronto is a privilege, and being situated in close proximity to four US states makes it an excellent central hub for exploring further afield.



Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is home to almost 30% of the Canadian population and offers a very diverse mix of tourist attractions.  Well renowned and generally regarded as being one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world, Toronto is an international hub for arts, culture, business and finance.

Recently ranked as the third best city to live and work in terms of quality of life and economic potential, it is no wonder that Toronto is the destination of choice, not just for tourists, but for people choosing to relocate and make a better life for themselves.

Relocating (the cost effective way)

For anyone relocating to any city, the process of moving and setting up a new life is never cheap.  Having said that, there are many ways of approaching this in a frugal, cost effective manner that should make things go a little smoother and even help you to make some decent savings.  If, for example you consider renting an apartment, the first thing you’ll need to look at doing is furnishing it.

The key here is to buy used.  While the local furniture shop may offer regular promotions and put various items on sale, you’ll generally find it more fruitful to look at other options and sources where you can access a whole variety of used items for sale.  Local auctions, classified ads, thrift stores and garage sales all provide a great platform for you to find the right price for your used products.

Then there’s the Internet, which is home to a variety of online sources offering all kinds of items for sale.  You may find an online auction or a used for sale site or even a personal classifieds site where people list many different items for sale.

Doing this will at least give you a head start and help you settle into your new environment with minimal inconvenience.  Then you can spend more time getting out and about enjoying the best of what Toronto has to offer.