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Cheap Living In Vancouver

Vancouver! What a city! Modern, cosmopolitan and spectacularly hip! It is truly one of the most desirable locations in North America to both visit and live. But like any thriving and forward thinking metropolis, Vancouver has one drawback; things are not that cheap. But don’t let that put you off! Fortunately, there are plenty of workarounds and frugal strategies that you can adopt to make life in British Columbia’s most populous city as affordable as any other. You can save cash by finding used items for sale from thrift stores, flea markets, classified listing and auction websites. You will invariably find that the price of things is much cheaper if you use these sources, although it does take a little extra time and effort than walking into your local shop, supermarket or department store. It is also a good idea to grow your own food or invest time and effort in couponing to reduce your grocery bill. If you are planning to make Vancouver your permanent home, you will likely want to buy a property in which to live. You can save money here by looking for repossessed homes on sale. These are normally much cheaper and more affordable than the regular estate agent listings and can usually save you a pretty penny when it comes to exchanging contracts. Eating out can prove tricky price wise, but with a vast range of international cuisine and restaurants to choose from, there are options to suit all budgets and tastes. Entertainment is also on offer in generous proportions at equally affordable prices if you are savvy discount hunter. Off-peak and mid-week promotions are in abundance and can help reduce the overall cost of fun for all the family. So don’t despair at the general price of things when you first arrive. You need only scratch a little way beneath the surface to find a multitude of money saving opportunities to help make your life here financially viable.


Vancouver is a Great Place to Live

All in all, this city is a fantastic place to make your home and has so much to offer. Nestled on Canada’s stunning Pacific coastline and surrounded by mountains, Vancouver is a diverse and lively place with all the culture, character and atmosphere you would expect from an international port city of its elk. All the wonders of the wilderness are just a short distance from the city, with skiing, hiking, mountaineering, hunting and many more easily available and accessible. Vancouver has been regularly voted as one of the top 5 cities in the world for livability and quality of life, a statistic to definitely bear in mind if you are considering to make it your permanent home. There is only one last thing to say about this wonderful city; if you are visiting or moving here from closer to the equator, you had better wrap up warm! Vancouver can prove chilly in comparison to many more southerly cities and is especially bitter during the winter months. Be prepared for a temperature shock if you hail from warmer climates!