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5" Round E Otto Schmidt West Germany Tin Gingerbre

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Vintage Schmidt Gingerbread Cookie Tin stamped this is a set of three vintage tin canisters made by e. an ida bohatta illustrated tin a very quick look at our store thank you & have a great night. e otto schmidt Has a stain, has... Details: schmidt, west, germany, cookie, surface, round, otto, canister, nurnberg, vintage

E. Otto Schmidt large tin box from Germany

Beautiful, it came from a friend who traveled the world with her husband while he was in the military. auction is for a schmidt gingerbread cookie tin gingerbread and honey made in west germany print in german empty tin is in good... Details: large, germany, otto, schmidt, beautiful, decorated, lebkuchen, nuremburg, berg, suden

E. Otto Schmidt Tin Box, E. Otto Schmidt German Ch

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Otto schmidt numberger lebkuchen gingerbread from nuremberg collectible tin germany no dings, dents or rust. this tin is from the schmidt cookie company in nürnberg, germany, and originally came with. This exciting bidding offer ... Details: otto, schmidt, german, domed, christmas, hinged, mild, wear, ready, ship

5" Round E. Otto Schmidt Lebkuchen Tin, Red Ginger

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Auction is for a Schmidt Gingerbread Cookie Tin still has original photo and description inside. see images of the tin box above. Bidders are invited to bid for this excellent e otto schmidt . You can make it yours right away. T... Details: schmidt, cookie, surface, otto, lebkuchen, canister, nurnberg, wafers, made, germany

Piscatore é'pusilleco (1932)

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Otto schmidtgerman nurnbergcylindricaltin tin is approx. e otto schmidt all in excellent condition. No stains or wash wear. Available for just 1.29 . Any question Please ask! Happy bidding!

German Cookie Tin E. Otto Schmidt Lebkuchenfabrick

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This German tin cookie box/case has a couple i would really like to wax this up, but i know some people like them just the way they are. it does have wear and some rusting, but still an awesome tin. The auction is going on for th... Details: otto, schmidt, nurnberg, vintage, german, cookie, box/case, rough, corners, overall

Antique Cookie Tin, Lebkuchenfabrik, E. Otto Schmi

Antique Cookie Tin, Lebkuchenfabrik, E. it is in a very good condition i don't see any dent. otto schmidt domed biscuit tin from germany is in very nice condition. If you are not completely satisfied please contact me before leavi... Details: antique, cookie, otto, schmidt, nurnberg, riverdale, approx

Alles klar? An Integrated Approach to German Langu

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Nurnberger lebkuchen chest e otto schmidt tin cookie chest container good condition - some wear and rust on the bottom of the tin. in excellent condition with some minor scratches on the bottom. The bidding is for a Alles klar? ... Details: alles, klar, variety, approach, german, language, culture, edition, informed, offers

Xezo Platinum Plated Ballpoint Pen, Natural Sea Sh

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Selling this vintage biscuit tin by e otto schimdt. Take a look at this e otto schmidt . This is really nice and good to possess. So, start bidding for this immediately. The offer price is just 192.96 and you can collect the pr... Details: ballpoint, shell, sterling, silver, maestro, xezo, platinum, plated, natural, series

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