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M1 Carbine Sling Oiler & Buttstock Type Pouch OD G

Delivered anywhere in USA
M1 carbine sling oiler & buttstock type pouch od. Includes shown sizing die, expanding die, bullet seater, shell holder, and dipper. our excellent low price just improved ... On delivery if package should arrive damaged please RE... Details: carbine, buttstock, pouch, green, sling, oiler, type, dated, quality, current
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U.S. WWII Fleece Lined M1 Carbine Case with Carry

Delivered anywhere in USA
U.s. wwii fleece lined m1 carbine case with carry. The bayonet is in fair to good used condition overall, since it does have a few issues. All payments must be made within in days of your committing to buy Details: fleece, heavy, wwii, lined, carbine, case, carry, strap, marked, made, 38 inches
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M1 Carbine Five (5) Round Magazine

Selling some extra M1 parts. here is a type 1 rockola barrel band for the m1 carbine. both are in original wax paper. This exclusive bidding opportunity is for all! You can immediately start bidding for this lovely M1 Carbine Five... Details: carbine, magazine, five, round, parts, extra, states, limits, shooting, hunting

U.S. M1 Carbines, Wartime Production, 7th Revised

Delivered anywhere in USA
The threads on this band are too loose to grab my test screw. U.S. M1 Carbines, Wartime for sale available for 18.17 .. Some rust, dents and scratches. See Photos. Any question Please ask! Details: revised, expanded, edition, carbines, wartime, craig, riesch, bible, world, carbine, craig riesch, mens, 2012-05-30, ncp-2009-9781882391431-wh1, 436usd$4.36
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Used, $1,000, Inland M1 Carbine

Barrel stamped 12-42Numbers matchingGreat here is a type 1 rockola barrel band for the m1 carbine. 2 m1 carbine magazines marked g-q for quality hardware. Here to bid on is a $1,000, Inland M1 Carbine . These are used items in go... Details: barrel, stamped, -numbers

Used, M1 .30 Carbine Military Rifle

M1 . i'm not an expert in grading so i'll. M1 carbine for sale Haven't used this much, washed a few time. No holes, stains, rips. Available for just 0 . Thanks! Details: carbine, military, rifle, current, foid, card, needed, cash, check
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Used, M1 CARBINE rocker arm

Good shape, the extractor and ejector springs are still strong and viable. Bidders are invited to bid for this m1 carbine at an offer price of 47.33 only. See the details and images. Shoot your queries at me. You can pick up the p... Details: carbine, rocker, shape, sear, trip
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U.S. WWII M1 Carbine Butt Magazine Pouch WW2

Delivered anywhere in USA
U.s. wwii m1 carbine butt magazine pouch ww2. We welcome International Buyers (e1cept Argentina and Russia Federation) Note Details: carbine, butt, magazine, pouch, wwii, made, copied, original, canvas, double
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