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You are bidding on a used pair of OAKLEY never worn, they were lost in my house. i already have 2 other pairs, looking to get rid of this third set. Bidding is going on for this lovely looking OAKLEY JULIET SUNGLASSES. . You can ... Details: oakley, juliet, bidding, pair, iridium, metal, frame, years, perhaps, times
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Polarized Ikon Iridium Replacement Lenses For Oakl

Delivered anywhere in USA
Original oakley juliet box is shown for reference and is not included. plasma frame fire iridium lens. Oakley juliet lenses for sale Like new; Have a close look on the photos to have right idea of condition. Available for just 35... Details: lenses, ikon, oakley, x-metal, juliet, polarized, iridium, mirror, designed, tested, mens, one size

Oakley Juliet for sale

Oakley Juliet

Vintage Oakleys, Iridium Ice lenses. no scratches, in great shape.. the lenses are pretty heavily scratched and need to be replaced. Oakley Juliet for sale - BRAND NEW / NO DEFECTS - WITH TAGS ATTACHED. Available for just 350 . An... Details: vintage, oakleys, iridium, lenses

Used Oakley X Metal Juliet Plasma Ice lenses

Slightly used Oakley X Metal Juliets with Plasma never used oakley juliet black iridium lenses. selling a pair of blue iridium replacement lenses for oakley flak jackets. Are you looking for some exciting bidding opportunities? S... Details: oakley, metal, plasma, lenses, juliet, slightly, juliets, coin, small, scratches

Oakley Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium Lenses - EU

Chagrin Falls
Oakley Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium Lenses - they are the x metal penny and are some of the last sunglasses that the united states produced. an additional pair of black iridum (polarized) lenses. Oakley Juliet X-Metal w/ Black... Details: oakley, lenses, juliet, x-metal, black, iridium, frame, minimal, signs, wear
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Oakley Titanium Juliet sunglasses for sale  Bonetraill

Oakley Titanium Juliet sunglasses

Oakley Titanium Juliet's, gently used. also the rubber on ears is frayed . they are the x metal penny and are some of the last sunglasses that the united states produced. Details: oakley, titanium, juliet, gently, scratches, super, durable, just, wear, rubber
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Revant Replacement Lenses for Oakley Juliet Emeral

Delivered anywhere in USA
Revant replacement lenses for oakley juliet. I had a pair of custom juliets built with fire iridium lenses which is why they will come in a fire iridium box. Details: lenses, revant, oakley, juliet, emerald, green, above, rest, precision, perfectly, fits oakley juliet, mens, fits oakley juliet
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Oakley X Metal Juliet Carbon Ducati Lens, Black Ir

Selling my set of oakley juliet ducati lens and they are the x metal juliet ducati special editions and are some of the last sunglasses that the united states produced. If you buy several please wait to pay until I send you the i... Details: lens, rubbers, oakley, juliet, ducati, metal, carbon, black, iridium, scratch
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Walleva Replacement Lenses for Oakley Juliet Sungl

Delivered anywhere in USA
Not sure on the exact color but these are blue with a hint of purple. Hi I'm putting this Walleva Replacement Lenses for in sale, as you may appreciate in the photos I published, it still has a good shape altough it's a second ha... Details: walleva, lenses, oakley, juliet, multiple, options, emerald, mirror, coated, polarized, mens
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Romeo 2 X Metal oakley not Romeo, Juliet, Penny, XX, Mars, X Square, used for sale

Romeo 2 X Metal oakley not Romeo, Juliet, Penny, X

Enhance your eyewear collection with these money is tight and school loan adding up. the glasses have serial numbers. This auction is for a used- oakley juliet lenses . This was tested and working. Asking price is 18. Check out m... Details: romeo, square, metal, oakley, juliet, penny, mars, enhance, eyewear, featuring
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Oakley X-Metal Juliet - Plasma (Ice Iridum + Polar

This Pack Contains A Pair of Oakley Juliet's these are extremely rare juliets with titanium clear lenses. the lenses are pretty heavily scratched and need to be replaced. Are you a serious bidder, then this is your turn to bid fo... Details: iridum, polarized, oakley, juliet, black, pair, lenses, x-metal, plasma, lens
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Polarized Ikon Replacement Lenses For Oakley Julie

Delivered anywhere in USA
Polarized ikon replacement lenses for oakley. The center is good not super wobbly. i have another pair of jade that i am also listing. FREE Shipping within the continental states International Shipping Details: lenses, ikon, oakley, juliet, polarized, black, designed, tested, second, comes, mens, one size
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Oakley Juliet G30 Lenses

The auction is going on for a nice Oakley Juliet G30 Lenses . The offer price is only 40 . The condition is nice and no marks. Shipping is available across the U.S. Details: lenses, oakley, juliet, visible, scratches, rate, worn, before
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