Applications: What Are The Top 5 Local Classifieds Applications?

Applications: What Are The Top 5 Local Classifieds Applications?

When it comes to buying and selling used stuff, the local classifieds are the place to be. For many years, free local classifieds have been the number one go-to source for anyone wanting to buy or sell things, find jobs, or even invest in real estate, and the modern era has given us a whole host of new options for our local classifieds needs like Craigslist and eBay. Here are five of the best local classifieds apps you can use to find used stuff near you.


The king of the online local classifieds world, Craigslist started small but grew bigger and bigger, now operating in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities. It's one of the world's favorite options for buying and selling used stuff, and you can also make use of Craigslist to find jobs and hire professionals near you too.


eBay is another hugely popular local classifieds style site that allows users to buy and sell a huge range of items from art and antiques to smartphones and tablets. You can either buy products directly or bid on them in an auction-like system on eBay, and it's always a great place for those who want to save money.


Very popular in several parts of the world for many years, GumTree has also launched in the US and developed a big following. Available on both iOS and Android, it has a lot in common with Craigslist but is favored by many users for its modern aesthetic and ease of use.

Facebook Marketplace

As well as being the world's number one social media network, Facebook is also a great place to buy and sell used stuff via the Facebook Marketplace. This allows you to connect with millions of users from your area and around the world to buy almost anything.


ClassifiedAds is another popular free local classified app you can download onto your phone. Functioning just like a classic, newspaper style local classifieds services, ClassifiedAds lets you search through many categories or type in specific product searches to find what you want.

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