Christmas shopping

The festive period is nearly upon us, so if like most people you leave it until the last minute, we have a few ideas here to help you along.


Gamers and Toy Enthusiasts:

  • “Star Wars” Episode 7 is about to be released and you are sure to know someone who loves to collect Star Wars paraphernalia. Why not look into buying a Star Wars Lego set for the fans of the series?
  • Video games are always popular and there is always someone in the family who desires the latest console for Christmas. Why not get them a PS4?
  • Tablets are so versatile; you can watch movies, play the latest games, watch movies and of course capture special moments with pictures and video.


Sports Fans

  • For those adrenaline junkies why not looking at buying a dirt bike? So much fun to be had riding around those dirt tracks.
  • Maybe you know a budding golfer or someone who has always wanted to get involved? Buying a set of golf clubs might give them the push they always wanted!
  • Greener ways of travelling are becoming more and more popular, so why not think about purchasing a bike for a friend or relative?



  • How about help a friend in need who is the eternal sun-seeker by buying them a parasol. What says caring more than looking after a friend’s sunburn? They might even give you a thought when they are sunbathing!

  • For the adventurer types then a perfect gift is a tent, and tents nowadays are so advanced! Ultra-light and high-tech, they are the first thing on a traveller’s mind!
  • Scooters mean independence, the feel of riding an open road for the first time is so liberating! Convenient and eco-friendly.


Fashion Conscious

  • Pepe Jeans, the ultimate in cool, casual and even elegance. A product to fit any wardrobe situation. Everyone loves a cool pair of jeans.
  • Every girl loves their shoes and the Python shoe is very in vogue this year.


Home Designers

  • How about the latest industrial shelf for those contemporary designers? Industrial chic is very popular nowadays and that raw design is the way to go.

  • Boys love pool tables. As well as looking very cool, they make a great centrepiece for the “man cave”. They can be the envy of all of their friends.
  • In this day and age everyone is a DJ and a turntable could make an amazing gift! Vinyl is having a renaissance so it’s not only the younger of us that would appreciate a set of decks!