2016 is almost here. While we are still in the festive spirit, the used-forsale team is at rest and is taking a long awaited vacation!

Used-forsale expands

We already told you on our blog that the company is growing and is looking for new talent in order to become the best in our field: classified ads.

Since the beginning of the month, we have gained a new employee who has joined the marketing team: Arnaud. To better understand, we asked him a few questions.

CHARLOTTE: "Why did you apply to"?

Arnaud: "For me, the most important is to be in a dynamic company. For this, the Start up seemed to be the best option because it’s very challenging working in that kind of company. This type of structure allows an overview of the business and to be really involved in the business. This company has a rather unique working method that does not exist elsewhere. This is why I decided to work here.

Charlotte: "How did you feel during the first few days?”

Arnaud: the first few days have gone extremely well. There is really a team spirit, everyone knows each other and you feel quickly that you belong to the team. During the first week, I worked with some people in particular who told me what they were doing. I also spent time with Bart, the CEO of the company who explained the history of used-forsale and what I would do in my work more concretely.

I discovered new tools and continue to learn them. I ask all my questions and there is always someone willing to help me. I feel good in my work and I feel that I can be useful.


Kanban, a new tool of communication

Obviously, to become a reference, there is no secret, we must improve our efficiency. For this, we have implemented Kanban as a method of working.

The idea is that every morning, developers meet to discuss current project and any difficulties. The advantage is to have a comprehensive overview of everybody’s work and to give priority to some projects. This also improves communication through the team.

These daily meetings helped to solve some problems faster and move faster on some projects by discussing and helping each other.

This is one of many processes implemented by the company to improve our platforms and offer to users the most successful product possible.


Holidays and celebrations

Despite the work, your team also knows how to find the time to enjoy the beautiful Christmas and New Year celebrations.

A first breakfast was held in our buildings. This business breakfast was an opportunity to get to know our neighbours and eat lots of good food! A small table tennis tournament had been improvised and could show the rest the extent of their talents.

We had a second breakfast before the holiday that was just for our team. We were spoiled! Good croissants and gifts for everyone: champagne bottles and cinema tickets.

Here are some photos from the occasion!