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Founded way back in 1995 by Craig Newmark, Craigslist started off as a simple email distribution list among a group of friends but grew into one of the biggest online marketplaces of all. It's one of the best places to buy and sell items locally, as well as being able to search for services, real estate, jobs, and more.

Craiglist is available in multiple languages and in hundreds of cities across dozens of countries worldwide. It's one of the world's most trusted and popular sources for browsing and posting classified advertisements of all kinds. If you're looking to buy and sell locally, Craigslist is one of the best sites to use, but there are some limitations to the Craigslist platform that have frustrated users over the years.

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The Limitations of Craigslist

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One of the major issues that many people have faced when using Craigslist is that it's quite limiting in terms of where you're allowed to search at any one time. A big part of the founding philosophy of Craigslist was the idea that it was supposed to be used for local purchases, sales, and exchanges of services, so when you log on to Craigslist, you'll only be seeing classifieds from your local area.

If you're on the New York City Craigslist, for example, you're not going to be seeing classifieds from people in Los Angeles or San Francisco, or anywhere else outside of NYC. This was a part of the creator's vision for the Craigslist platform and, despite users growing frustrated at the lack of options to search outside of their local area, the platform has continued to operate in this way. Fortunately, people have found ways around this in order to search Craigslist nationwide.

The Advantages of Craigslist Nationwide Searches

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The advantages of being able to search all states on Craigslist are numerous and varied. Here are just a few examples:

  • Greater Variety - Naturally, if you search in a wider area when looking to buy or sell products, you’re going to get more results. Craiglist has millions of users, and if you live in or near a big city, you might have lots of listings on your local Craigslist pages. However, by expanding your reach to a nationwide Craigslist search, you’ll be able to get in contact with millions more sellers and have so many more opportunities to find what you’re looking for on Craigslist. So many sellers are listing products on Craigslist every single day in hundreds of different cities, and you can gain access to a much greater variety of products by searching nationwide.
  • Better Prices - Not only does searching Craigslist in all states get you access to a greater variety of products, but also a greater variety of prices. Maybe a seller in your local area is selling an item you desire for $200, but you might find that another seller in a different city is selling the same item for half the price. One of the best things about Craigslist is that you can get some really good deals and bargains on there when you shop around, as many people use the platform as a way to get rid of unwanted items, so they often price their listings quite affordably. Items have different values in the eyes of different sellers, so searching Craigslist nationwide can help you get some big discounts and save a lot of money in the long run.
  • More Freedom - In its current state, Craigslist is regarded as quite limiting in terms of how it works and what it allows its users to do. You can only see listings from each individual city at any one time, and you have to adjust settings and visit entirely different Craigslist domains to see the results from other cities. By searching in all states on Craigslist, you can have a lot more freedom in terms of the deals you do, the sellers you communicate with, and how you buy your items. Craigslist focuses on local exchanges as it aims to make things easy for its users in terms of picking up items and arranging deliveries, but if you don’t mind paying for shipping or driving to meet sellers, this search will give you much more freedom.
  • Safety - Many people hesitate about buying or selling items on Craigslist as they worry about the in-person nature of many of the exchanges on the site. Typically, when you buy something on Craigslist, you usually live near the seller, so they’ll arrange to meet up with you for handing over the cash and the products. Meeting up with strangers can be quite an intimidating experience and isn’t always safe, either. By making use of nationwide searches of Craigslist, you can arrange for the items you buy to be delivered (by offering the seller a little extra money for shipping) and you can pay online via platforms like Paypal. This helps to make the overall transaction experience a lot safer, less scary, and more convenient for many users.
  • Find The Products You Want - Sometimes, you’re looking for a specific item and it just won’t shop up on your local Craigslist. Well, maybe nobody in your local area is selling that product right now, but if you do a Craigslist search of all states, you’ll have a much better chance of finding what you want. Maybe the item you’re looking for will be in the next city over or even the next state, requiring a bit of a drive or the addition of shipping fees to actually get it. However, at least searching Craigslist nationwide gives you a better chance of finding what you want, rather than limiting yourself to just one location.
  • Reach More Sellers - Searching Craigslist nationwide can offer a lot of advantages for sellers, as well as buyers. If you’re willing to ship out items or deal with buyers who live outside your city, nationwide searches will help to put you in contact with a greater number of buyers. This increases the competition for your listings, which can result in higher prices, better exchanges, and more satisfying selling experiences overall. So if you want to get the best prices for your items, being open to sellers from other cities and states is a great way to start.

Ways to Search Craigslist Nationwide

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Now that we’ve seen exactly why you would want to search all states on Craigslist and looked at some of the top advantages this kind of search is able to provide, let’s look at how you actually do it. Right now, as mentioned previously, Craigslist itself won’t let you search nationwide or in all states. You have to manually go to individual sites for each city and search on each one, and this process is hugely time-consuming and simply not an option for people who really want to search Craigslist on a nationwide level.

So, if you do want to see results on Craigslist from all states, you’ll need to make use of a third-party search engine or app. A variety of search engines exist to help you see everything Craigslist has to offer and search for individual items across the entire country. These search engines are really easy to use and can save you a lot of time and cash, as well as helping you find the products you need in a matter of seconds. People who tend to do a lot of browsing on their smartphones can also make use of simple and intuitive apps to get more from their Craigslist searches.

Craigslist Search Engines

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Most people who are looking to buy and sell on Craigslist make use of computers and laptops to browse the site, so there are plenty of browser-based search engines for Craigslist that let you see results from the whole country. Even though most people make use of mobile devices and apps these days, Craigslist is an old-fashioned site that works best on a computer, so here are some of the top web-based search engines for Craigslist you might like to use:

  • Statewidelist - As the name suggests, Statewidelist basically makes it really easy for you to search Craigslist in your entire state, rather than just being limited to a specific city. For example, someone living in San Francisco would be able to search the whole of California with this search engine, rather than being limited to Craigslist San Francisco. The system works in Canada too, and you can select from various provinces. It’s a great way to search Craigslist as it allows you to expand your search, without going too far, so it’s a nice option for people who don’t mind driving a few hours across the state to pick up certain items.
  • ZoomTheList - If you want to get a full nationwide Craigslist search, ZoomTheList is one of the best search engines to make use of. This search engine offers a lot of different features and search options, including the option to enter keywords and search the whole Craigslist network. ZoomTheList offers lots of other good filters and features too, making searching Craigslist a lot easier.
  • Onecraigs - Onecraigs doesn't actually let you search nationwide on Craigslist. Instead, it makes it a lot easier to search on individual city and state Craigslist marketplaces to see what products and services are available. With Onecraigs, you can just click on your chosen state and then be presented with a list of cities, able to quickly, conveniently, and easily click and search between them.
  • SearchTempest - SearchTempest is a highly efficient Craigslist search engine that can be perfect for people who live outside of big cities or between multiple cities. Basically, this site lets you input your current location and then search in a set radius around your home, seeing all the Craigslist results for your area. This is a great option for people who live near the borders of states or aren't too far away from multiple big cities and always have to look on multiple Craigslist sites any time they do a regular search.

Craigslist Nationwide Search Apps for Android and iOS

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Searching on Craiglist on a regular computer or laptop is generally considered to be the easiest way to browse the popular online classifieds site, but if you prefer to use a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet, there are a few different apps you can use to make browsing and searching on Craigslist a lot easier.

  • CPlus - If you like to browse Craigslist and want to have the option to search all states and cities on your mobile device, CPlus is the app to have. This app is widely considered to be the very best option for anyone looking to buy and sell on Craigslist on a smartphone or tablet. It works for both Android and iOS, offers lots of useful features including multi-city searches and listing edits, and even helps you save time by greying out things you've already clicked on.
  • Postings - A very slick and stylish app available exclusively for Android devices, Postings is your perfect partner for browsing Craigslist on an Android phone. It's highly intuitive, making it super easy to search through the various listings, viewing individual details and being able to search across entire states and multiple cities all at once. It functions similarly to CPlus in a lot of ways, but has a more refined and elegant aesthetic, so if you appreciate good-looking
  • apps, this is one you’ll want to download.