GearBest is an online marketplace with over 20,000 products available for purchase. GearBest offers free shipping to 178 countries and provides customer service in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

The company has been operating since 2013 and has received more than 1 million orders each month. In addition, they offered the cheapest electronics manufactured from Asia and China.

What is Gearbest

GearBest has distinguished itself from sites like AliExpress primarily because it has focused on technology and gadgets. In addition, if you had encountered issues with the devices, their technical support had assisted their previous customers with their 45-day guaranteed money back, which had been a great feature to have in place.

Though one of the main setbacks is the delivery time, it could be very lengthy. It took months for the orders to arrive at your doorstep, which had been a letdown if you’re shopping in time demands. Some other concerns were product quality or consistency, which customers need to check previous customer reviews before making a purchase.

Why was it closed?

After confirming bankruptcy, Gearbest has reached its time and closed down and is now out of business. Patozon was sold to new investors. Though some brands are still operational, like Mpow, Zaful has taken the independent road.

The issue has been making headlines since last year where suppliers, affiliates, and staff left office due to the company's outstanding payments. If you can remember, Sonny, Gearbest pioneer AU manager, also left the company for similar reasons.

For most avid online shoppers, you may have heard of Gearbest being on top of the competition and dominating Ozbargain with their crazy deals and lowest prices on gadgets and devices. Unfortunately, following that crazy moment was a year-round band for not delivering orders to their clients.

Finally, after being unbanned, they again created another crazy deal of low-price electronics and all sorts. With this loss and strategies to regain their reputation, the parent company has cut off the finances that allowed Gearbest to have those crazy deals and prices.

Everything got worse and eventually took more wrong strategies from the new GST enforcement, free shipping removal, and everything went downhill.

With the closure of Gearbesrt, it means another loss for the Australian online community, which had been a big blow in Ozbargain. Now, there would be no more crazy deals and prices of low-price electronics and gadgets on Gearbest again.

However, its closure doesn't mean you cannot find great deals elsewhere. So if you're looking for other Gearbest alternatives, this post might help you where I mentioned the best sites like Gearbest that have fantastic prices and quality gadgets.

7 Alternatives to the website

If you've been searching for a great deal like Gearbest, then the following were probably your best picks.


AliExpress is a very well-known online shopping website, similar to Gearbest. Like Gearbest, it has a wide variety of products, and prices are great too. They offer a massive selection of affordable items that are sent to you through ChinaPost. Unlike Gearbest, they offer free shipping, which is excellent if your budget is on the smaller side!


When it comes to purchasing electronics, the name eBay usually pops into people's minds. Now that Gearbest is closed, most people are looking for the following best online shopping site to use. eBay is still an option for many people, but it is not the best option for everyone.

The prices on eBay can be prohibitive, and sometimes there are no deals to find like what you will see at Gearbest. For example, if someone were looking to purchase a new smartwatch that retails for $249, they would pay the total retail price of $599 from eBay instead of just spending $55 with shipping from Gearbest.

In addition, in many cases, items sold through eBay have been used or opened before, making them hard to sell as brand new products any longer.

People want their money's worth when they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on electronic devices, so this makes them shop online stores where returns aren't accepted, such as Gearbest, since most people want the guarantee that they are purchasing a brand new device.


The leading online retailer has its online retail platform. In this, they have a large variety of products from different categories that you can buy with just one click on the mouse or tap on your mobile device. They offer a fantastic service for their customers and ensure a good shopping experience for them.

Like Gearbest, you can find tons of great deals on the Amazon platform, and there is a massive number of products to choose from. Amazon has a good reputation in the market, and people trust them because of the fantastic services they offer to their users.

You can find many products on Amazon, starting from electronics to fashion items that you might need for your daily life. You can check something special like an outdoor adventure trip equipment set you always wanted to have but don't know where to buy it from?

In this case, go ahead with Amazon's platform and get all kinds of great deals available there. The best thing about shopping at Amazon is that it ships worldwide, so even if you live on a remote island somewhere across the globe, you will still be able to order anything listed on their website without thinking twice.

Bang Good

This is a perfect place to buy all your electronics. From smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers to drones and digital cameras - they have it all! In addition, they offer worldwide free shipping from China, so whatever you decide to purchase will be delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

Best Buy

This website began its journey way back in 1983. It is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the US. It had evolved into a multinational retail shop for electronics, books, music, and DVDs.

Today it has over ten million products in its collection. More than 2000 brands are selling their merchandise through this store. The company also provides personal shopping services to customers who wish for special treatment or someone else's gift! It is worth mentioning that the website offers free shipping all across the US with no minimum purchase required.

Tiny Deal

If you're up for products with cheaper rates, then TinyDeal is an excellent choice. Like Gearbest, Tinydeal also offers some nice discounts on their products, and they have been around for more than ten years now.

They have to include beauty items, health, wearable technology, sports equipment, toys, accessories, phones, and more. You should also check the smartwatches and home system category as they also offer some exciting things.


Though this is not only for techy geeks, Target is known for its quality, affordable items. From clothing to electronics, they got you covered. What's interesting is that it's a well-known retail shop and gift cards in the US. You can check various products on their site ranging from gift ideas to meet your daily routine, gifts for special occasions, including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and more.

Besides gift ideas, you can find products suitable for kids, women, and men. Either you're looking for household essentials or kitchen appliances, they have tons of options for you to choose from. You can even find deals on home improvement or patio items, lawn and garden essentials, as well as sporting goods.

FAQs About Gearbest

Gearbest has its office in China. However, they have warehouses worldwide, including Hungary, Hong Kong, and the USA.

If you have a certain amount of points before, there's no need to worry about it. These points were used by previous users, which you can still keep. If not, the points will be refunded to your account and ready for use next time.

During Gearbest's operational moment, packages reached their destinations roughly three to five weeks after being shipped.

Gearbest was a venture of, a leading online retailer in China since 2008, offering over 50 million products from thousands of global brands and retailers to customers worldwide.

If you did an order with Gearbest before, previous consumers used the tracking number on their email when they tracked their package. However, you can still track your package by signing in to see the latest update on your order status.

Final words

With the closure of Gearbest, many online shoppers had to find quick and convenient alternatives. Some of the sites mentioned above offer discounts on certain products. It all depends upon your needs and what you are willing to purchase.