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Transporting yourself into the past with timeless, decorative antique pieces usually means wasting time scouring every antique store and auction house in the United States. Antique collectors looking to get the best prices on elegant clocks, lamps, mirrors, picture frames, and toleware need look no further than To get the most out of your purchase, we highly recommend that you:

  • Speak to antique dealers prior to making any purchases so you know what pieces are worth what amount.
  • Consider how much space you have in your home or business for the decorative antique, so you do not end up with a piece that does not fit.
  • Invest in a few fine antiques with proven quality rather than a multitude of less valuable pieces. 

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    Heubach Piano Baby

    Are you a fan of antique collectable items? Start a new collection of gorgeous Heubach Piano Baby figurines from nineteenth-century Germany and just before the First World War.

    Common features are as follows:

    • True antiques with the original manufacturer’s marks incorporated into the design.
    •  Exceptional quality since many have lasted over 100 years with only minor wear or damage.
    • Rarer figurines have real-hair on their head while more common figures usually just have porcelain painted to give the illusion of hair.
    Brass Vanity Table

    Guarantee both you and your dressing room look elegant with a vintage brass vanity table mirror from the 1940s.

    Key characteristics include:

    • Intricate beveling was done by hand and not a machine.
    • A hinged mirror that spins to reveal one regular side and one magnified side.
    • Varying sizes to accommodate users of different heights and builds.
    • High-quality base material that will last for centuries more, if cared for correctly.

    Fine antiques such as these add value and refinement to your home while giving it more personality.


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    Antique Furniture for sale

    Looking for the biggest selection of stunning antique furniture in the United States? Head to to get access to thousands of excellent pieces from around the world. There's no longer any need to spend hours or days searching every local antique shop to find what you're after, just visit

    We recommend that you:

    • Choose pieces with minimum external wear and tear since they indicate less damage to the internal structure.
    • Do not pass over a piece just because of a few marks.
    • Know where you plan to put it, so you can be sure it will fit. 

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      3 Leg Table

      Fill in that blank corner in your entryway with a delicate, vintage 3 leg table to make your home seem inviting and stylish from the moment a guest enters.

      Persuasive points are as follows:

      • Built of hardy materials in exquisite condition, like mahogany, black walnut, and oak.
      • Leather trimmings to make a greater statement.
      • The ability to nest several smaller tables within one, depending on the table’s design.
      • Many styles to fit your decor, including neoclassical, mid-century modern, and Italian.
      • Convenient drawers to store small items, stationery or other bits and bobs.
      Antique Upholstered Chair

      Not looking forward to the cold winter ahead? Or ready to relax during summertime? No matter the season, an antique upholstered chair makes for a great place to read a book or hunker down in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa.

      Look out for:

      • Over-sized chairs from the early Edwardian period
      • Retro ones from the mid-century in Denmark
      • Truly classic Victorian nursing or bedroom chairs from before 1900

      You can rarely find two identical chairs due to the nature of these antique designs and how individual carpenter’s once built furniture.


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      Architectural Antique & Garden for sale

      Browse for great prices on sensational architectural and garden antiques from the last several hundred years. You do not need to check with every antique dealer in the United States to buy cheap, vintage balusters, chandeliers, fixtures, columns, fireplaces, tiles, windows, and more. Do not forget about the outside style of your home either with tons of antique garden equipment available to purchase.

      We recommend that buyers:

      • Try to see beyond the antiques original use and find unique ways to incorporate them into your home or garden.
      • Research the manufacturer and choose more well-known ones if the future resale value is important.
      • Consider the size and weight of the antique since this influences shipping costs. 

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        Carved Wood Door

        Make the entrance to your home one of a kind with a gorgeous carved wood door from a long forgotten era.

        Other fun suggestions include:

        • Smartly separate rooms by turning it into an interior slider door.
        • Cut the door in half to create two handsome dining tables.
        Antique Street Light

        Illuminate your front garden or brighten up a long driveway with an enchanting antique street light.

        They feature:

        • Durable materials like copper, cast iron, or iron aluminum.

        • The choice between the original gas-powered lights or updated versions with electric connections.

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