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Purchasing gadgets and other electronic devices with gives you access to a much bigger selection than hunting for the tool you need in-stores. You can find calculators, laser pointers, alarm clocks, and more. To help you get the best bang for your buck, we highly recommend:

  • Ask the seller to demonstrate that the gadget works either through a video or chat.
  • Check that the model in the photos is the same as the model being advertised. If you do not know how to tell the difference, do your research first.
  • Verify the condition of any necessary accessories that will accompany your purchase. 

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    TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

    Students and professionals alike love to use Texas Instruments calculators due to their well-known reputation for accurate computing and long-lasting design. TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Pickup to see all the great features of TI calculators, including:

    • A high resolution, full-color display screen with backlighting.
    • A durable, rechargeable TI battery.
    • The ability to create beautiful graphs using the same methods as other TI-84 calculators.
    • The ability to import and use images within the calculator. 
    Olympus Voice Recorder

    Busy professionals sometimes do not have the time to stop and write down the many ideas that occur throughout the day. Investing in an Olympus voice recorder allows you to document your thoughts with a piece of paper or smartphone, even while driving.

    This feature feature:

    • A large 2GB memory with enough room for around 800 hours of recording.
    • An accompanying USB cable that attaches to the recorder with a strap, so you never lose it.
    • Recordings presented in a WMA format.
    • High-speed transfers between the recorder and your computer. 
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    Some of our biggest sellers include a Fisher metal detector , a Pixelstick Lightpainting LED tool, or a Provari 3 personal vaporizer.


    Multipurpose Batteries & Power Equipment

    Shop online through to get great deals on multipurpose batteries and other power sources.

    Just remember:

    • If you can see the item in person, give it a smell. 
    • Research the capacity of different types of batteries and exactly how much you need.
    • Check the amperage if you plan to load large devices.
    • Aim to buy batteries with indicator lights to know how much juice is left. 

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      Marine Battery Charger

      Are you an avid boater who loves big boats with lots of power? Invest in a high-quality marine battery charger that comes with:

      • Dual battery chargers that can charge lead-acid batteries up to 30 amp-hours.
      • Compatibility with CANBUS electrical systems and micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles.
      • Ultra lightweight and compact design. 
      • Waterproof and UV resistant. 
      Belkin Surge Protector

      Do you live in an area with many power surges? Or are you concerned about keeping your electronics safe during your storm or other electrical events? A Belkin surge protector can make a big difference with its:

      • Oversized, power cord between 4 and 10 feet.
      • Multiple outlets, up to 12.
      • 2,500-joule capacity. 
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      Multipurpose Batteries & Power Equipment for sale


      Vehicle Electronics & GPS for sale

      Most people spend their day in their vehicles. Even more so if you need to share your job. Browse to buy cheap electronics for your vehicle and make your drive more enjoyable, keeping in mind:

      • Older versions of electronics will hit the market.
      • The size and shape of your vehicle and the gadgets fit into it.
      • What maps or updates come preloaded on the GPS, or how much it would cost to add them after purchase. 

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        Geocache GPS

        Are you a fan of geocaching, but tired of using your smartphone to track down caches? Buy a Magellan eXplorist Geocache GPS, the first GPS completely dedicated to geocaching.

        It comes with:

        • A 2.2-inch color, LCD display with a transflective screen. 
        • Built-in connection to the online community.
        • Easy to use controls and menus. 
        Whistler Radar Detector

        Do you find yourself constantly looking for police vehicles? Consider investing in a Whistler radar detector that features:

        • Complete coverage of all bandwidths using radar, laser, safety, and VG-2 radar bands.
        • Clear icon display that reveals the signal strength, power status, etc.
        • Different modes for city and highway driving. 
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        Popular Vehicle Electronics & GPS


        Vintage Electronics for sale

        Collectors of vintage electronics can be used with a large amount of time and money. rather than canvassing thrift and other used electronics stores.

        We suggest that you:

        • Watch out for overpriced items labeled "Powers On" or "Great Repair Project" as some of these simply can not be repaired.
        • Understand that it may be easy to get rid of it. 

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          Criterion Speakers

          If you want to invest in speakers that will last you a lifetime, you may need an old model. Consider a pair of Lafayette brand Criterion speakers originally produced in the 1970s that come with:

          • A 2-way stereo speaker system.
          • Air sealed, resonance free back enclosure.
          • The original tweeters and woofers, or carefully refurbished ones.
          Heathkit Amplifier

          Interested in antique electronics? A vintage Heathkit amplifier with a single Heathkit WA-P2 preamplifier would be a great item to start your collection.

          Key features include:

          • The ability to hook up to traditional turntables.
          • Clear, crisp sound that you do not hear on modern speakers.
          • Up to a 100-volt power capacity. 
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          Popular Vintage Electronics