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The convenience of a home printer can not be underestimated. It saves you time and money when you print, sign, scan, and send back an important document via email. On, you can find tones of new and improved printers in the United States. Keep the following tips in mind when shopping:

  • Know what type of printer or scanner you need to quickly narrow down your search.
  • Decide if you prefer a secondhand printer or a refurbished printer.
  • Test the printer in person, if possible.
  • If you can not test in person, ask to video chat and watch the seller do a test print. 

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    Epson Portable Scanner

    Do you find yourself needing to make digital copies of important documents on a regular basis? Do you have access to a scanner or do you need to go everywhere? Investing in an Epson portable scanner may be a smart decision.

    Key features include:

    • A wireless connection to your computer, tablet, smartphone, gold popular cloud services, like Google Drive, One Note, Dropbox, etc., that allows you to scan and send images from anywhere.
    • A lightweight design to make it travel-friendly.
    • Powered through a USB connection or by batteries.
    • Make searchable, editable text PDFs. 
    Xerox Laser Printer

    If you do a lot of home printing, consider investing in a reliable Xerox laser printerCommon characteristics include:

    • A choice between a monochrome or color laser printer.
    • Using WiFi direct links, Xerox print services for Android, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print.
    • Printing in less than 12 seconds and up to 30 pages per minute when continuously printing.
    • High-capacity toner cartridges that reduce the temperature of the environment. 
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    Enterprise Networking & Servers for sale

    Are you starting a new business and want to save money when connecting your company’s computers to the same network? Shop online through for great deals on enterprise networking tools and servers.

    We recommend that you:

    • Stick to name brands when buying used to better guarantee quality.
    • Aim to get networking gear with built-in VLAN capabilities to save you money down the line.
    • Avoid servers using DDR2 memory as they are outdated, cost more to run, and run very hot and loud.  

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      SIP phone

      A SIP phone provides VoIP services that are very useful when working in an office setting. These phones often come with:

      • A small LCD screen to control the settings.
      • The ability to support up to 3 different lines and SIP accounts.
      • 4-way voice conferencing.
      • Programmable soft keys that light up.
      • HD audio on the handset and speakerphone. 
      Cisco Server

      Gain more control over your company’s websites and enterprise network with a Cisco server.

      Common features include:

      • DDR4 DIMMs that greatly lower your power consumption and improve the server’s performance.
      • A dedicated slot and support for a powerful 12-Gbps SAS module RAID controller.
      • Two extra PCIe Gen 3.0 slots for additional expansion cards. 
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      Popular Enterprise Networking & Servers

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      Shoppers usually search for an HP PCI-X, Grandstream basic and high-end IP phones, or a Belkin energy saving power switch.


      Home Networking & Connectivity for sale

      Do you use multiple computers at home and want them all on the same network? Do you rely heavily on your internet connection for projects or working at home? Pick-up the tools you need on and remember to:

      • Buy used products from legitimate resellers who demonstrate a working knowledge of networking technology or belong to an association like ASCDI.
      • Ask about how the seller tested the equipment and request a demonstration.
      • Ensure the equipment has official serial numbers. 

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        WiFi Extender

        Get more from your wireless router when you invest in a convenient WiFi extender.

        They often come with:

        • Dual external antennas to increase your transmission rates up to 300 Mbps.
        • An LED light indicator that helps identify the ideal location.
        • The ability to connect to multiple devices at one time with both AP wired and wireless connections. 
        Netgear Router

        Looking to improve your home networking system? Pick up a durable, wireless Netgear router to get connected faster and easier.

        It should include:

        • A specialized home network manager program for easy installation and network management.
        • Simultaneous dual band technology that reduces interferences and allows connection to more WiFi devices. 
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        Popular Home Networking & Connectivity

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        The most commonly searched for items include a WiFi repeater, a TP-Link wireless access point, or a Mikrotik routerboard.


        Software for sale

        Buying brand new software can be very expensive. Software companies do not update their products often, so the programs maintain their value over time. Purchasing Pre-Owned Software Online significantly reduced costs, just be sure you:

        • Get the necessary software license keys so you can install.
        • Double check that the software can only be used by the company.
        • Understand the type of licensing associated with every program. 

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          Corel Painter

          Professional and amateur artists and photographers greatly benefited from a comprehensive editing program like Corel Painter 2017.

          Corel Painter features:

          • Easy step system for transitioning from traditional art to a digital interface.
          • Smart photo painting.
          • Compatibility with both PCs and Macs, along with Photoshop. 
          Magix Music Maker

          Are you a musician looking to mix their own music? Or maybe you just want to play around with some sick beats. In case, buying Magix Music Maker software gives you access to:

          • Dozens of instruments and around 8,000 distinct sounds standard with the program.
          • 12 soundpools with virtual instruments.
          • Loops in 7 unique variations. 
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