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Old used xbox 360 disc tray ads

Xbox 360 disk reading error/stuck disk tray repair service (send in service.)

Sold at 35 $

This is a send in service, no xbox 360 console is for sale. this send in service is to have your dvd drive repaired. if you have any of the following disk read errors such as "unrecognized disk, open tray, or console is stuck on reading"...

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Microsoft xbox 360 works disc tray stuck

Sold at 30 $

Disc tray stuck

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Xbox 360 white console with no hdd, disc tray problem

Sold at 34.99 $

Good connections pricinglorem ipsum1lorem ipsum3xbox 360 white console with no hdd, disc tray problem condition: used description: used. disc tray does not work. items have been not tested. consoles show signs...

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Broken disc tray xbox 360 hdmi video game console & power cord only

Sold at 10 $

Broken disc tray xbox 360 hdmi video game console & power cord only - tray tries to come out, but won’t come all the way out - the system works, see the tv screen in pic

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Xbox 360 disc tray wont open but turns on see description!!

Sold at 30 $

Xbox 360 console for sale. tray won’t open with button (but is able to be opened via the pin underneath the tray) system powers on and works otherwise. email me with questions and check out my store for more items!

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24 eject buttons and disk tray bezels for xbox 360 fat

Sold at 24 $

Very good condition. you get the exact items in the picture. ships same or next day usps first class

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8 xbox 360 disc trays for 2 disc/double disc cases, oem retail replacement

Sold at 7.99 $

All 8 trays are in excellent condition ready to go in cases

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Lot of 2 xbox 360 slim 1439 consoles sync issue, disc tray parts / broken as is!

Sold at 54.95 $

6868 up for sale is a lot of 2 xbox 360 slim 1439 consoles. both consoles are broken with many problems such as the disc tray and the sync button not working. selling for parts as is. does not include any cables or controllers. this unit...

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3 microsoft xbox 360 white console only disc tray sticks as-is. a3

Sold at 61.99 $

3 consoles only. consoles powers on. disc tray stuck. no other testing done. sold as is. see pics for condition. no hdd or accessories.

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Xbox 360 slim console + 250gb hd, hdmi cable & power supply - disc tray stuck

Sold at 65 $

Disc tray stuck does move alittle but doesn't come out. work perfect otherwise for streaming or downloading media. thanks

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Microsoft xbox 360 slim dvd disc drive tray replacement lite-on dg-16d4s working

Sold at 19.99 $

Stripped from a real xbox 360. this is a real authentic disk drive. working and in good condition. sold as is. you will get what you see. model is dg-16d4s. stripped from a xbox 360 s slim.

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Microsoft xbox 360 console with cables turns on disc tray won't open *as is*

Sold at 50 $

This console turns on fine, but it can not read discs. the disc tray will open if you do it from the console home screen, but sometimes it does not and it does not read discs. great for anyone who just plays downloadable games or knows...

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Microsoft xbox 360 console only used works but disk tray does not always work

Sold at 17 $

Xbox 360 console used as is disk tray sometimes does not open and close on its own but the xbox does work and will play games. great for watching netflix, youtube, etc.

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Xbox 360 fat faceplate, top and bottom vents, disk tray bezel and eject button

Sold at 20 $

Very good condition, no scratches or missing tabs ships same or next business day usps first class

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Xbox 360 fat faceplate and disk drive tray bezel and eject button

Sold at 8 $

Very good condition. no scratches or missing tabs. ships same or next business day usps first class

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Lot of 2 - microsoft xbox 360 - disc trays stuck - working - consoles only

Sold at 64.99 $

Both are working but the disc trays will not open. user must push a paper clip into the tray release hole to get them to open. sold as-is. consoles have marks and wear from use. front tray cover is missing on the white unit. consoles...

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Xbox 360 console, disc tray issues, pre-owned, tested, see pics

Sold at 44.99 $

This is for a used xbox 360 console that has disc tray issues. the disc tray has a problem ejecting. it requires for the game to be in the console to eject. most likely it is the rubberband to be the issue. otherwise, the console has not...

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Microsoft xbox 360 white console (disc tray does not open)

Sold at 9.58 $

Found this old xbox 360 under my bed still works but the disc tray is jammed. no idea where the face plate is but ill include an hdmi cord with the power box. honestly just looking for someone to take this off my hands. 3rd party...

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