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Rare Complete Stanley No.239 1/8th DADO Plane Anti

This tool is from an estate. one of the twist nuts broke when i was cleaning it, see last picture condition. You are bidding on Rare Complete Stanley No.239 . In good condition for their age, has chips. Please look at pictures clo... Details: complete, stanley, dado, plane, antique, tool, estate, fine, terms, reserve
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Woodstock D3830 Router Plane

Delivered anywhere in USA
Woodstock d3830 router plane. All fresh picks i will be listing a bunch of stanley tools tonight that are mint in box so please look at my other items. Please Read about our Policies Carefully and check our ABOUT ME page Informat... Details: blade, measures, -/-inch, woodstock, router, plane, adjust, depths, dados, hinge
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Woodstock W1100 Slickplane

Delivered anywhere in USA
Woodstock w1100 slickplane. Aside from average wear and age i f. Details: woodstock, produces, smooth, /-inch, radius, -degree, chamfer, sold, entire, length, hand tools
See also: wood saint

Stanley No 39 Dado Plane 1/4"

Vintage antique Stanley No 39 dado plane. missing one rod - sweetheart vintage - very good - fine condition. antique 1 7/8" wide z j mcmaster & co auburn ny wood hand plane skew dado rabbet a good solid wood body, a little extra s... Details: stanley, dado, plane, cutter, vintage, antique, sharp, damage, slight, pitting
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Stanley 12-140 No.92 Shoulder and Chisel Plane

Delivered anywhere in USA
Stanley 12-140 no.92 shoulder and chisel plane. One of the twist nuts broke when i was cleaning it, see last picture condition. "If you want a different size, e-mail us your request" Details: plane, shoulder, chisel, serves, dual, purpose, converts, iron, made, steel
See also: vintage jack

Stanley 12-978 1-1/2-Inch x 10-Inch Bullnose Rabbe

Delivered anywhere in USA
Stanley 12-978 1-1/2-inch x 10-inch bullnose. We're offering this fine old beech-wood dado plane. a nice example with an uncommon stamp from ny plane maker. Details: stanley, finishing, -/-inch, -inch, bullnose, rabbet, plane, century, craftsmen, building
See also: union

Hand Held Router Groove Plane Planer For Wood Wood

Delivered anywhere in USA
Hand held router groove plane planer for wood. Thank you notes: in good overall condition for its age, everything is original. "FOR THE FREE SHIPPING OPTION, WE WILL TAKE THEM OUT OF THE BO1 AND SHIP IN A PLASTIC ENVELOPE" Details: router, plane, hand, held, groove, planer, wood, tool, mortise, dado

Used, WoodRiver Side Rabbet Plane

Delivered anywhere in USA
A rare planemaker from indiana. you are bidding on one boston factory wood 5/8" dado molding or moulding plane as pictured. WoodRiver Side Rabbet Plane for sale They come from a smoke-free home. Available for just 76.50 . Any que... Details: woodriver, side, rabbet, plane, wood, river, planes, produced, highest, standards
See also: vintage c

Freud 16-528 1-1/2-Inch by 5/8-Inch Top Bearing Da

Delivered anywhere in USA
All 3 planes are skewed blade style. the plane was made by the auburn tool co. Don’t miss out this bidding offer. Have a look at this dado plane . You can ask me for the details. The offer price is 28.51 . Once you won, you... Details: freud, /-inch, bearing, dado, shank, -/-inch, router, diameter, carbide, height
See also: stanley 90

WoodRiver #92 Medium Shoulder Plane

Delivered anywhere in USA
Woodriver #92 medium shoulder plane. Antique auburn tool co 1/2" wood dado hand plane, skewed blade & 2 nicker irons 1/2" wide cutting iron. Details: plane, shoulder, woodriver, medium, combines, edward, preston, sons, designs, modern
See also: side boxes

Used, JET Dado Insert (for JPS-10TS)

Delivered anywhere in USA
Jet dado insert (for jps-10ts). Dukeg's vintage tool emporium up for sale today is a vintage 7/8" l. SHIPPING Shipping is FREE with all of our products for sale Details: table, dado, jps-ts, insert, phenolic, laminate, melamine, face, reduces, virtually

POWERMATIC Dado Insert, 64B

Delivered anywhere in USA
Powermatic dado insert, 64b. Nice antique taber woodworking plane 9-1/2" l 1-1/2" w 3" h needs minor cleaning nice old plane for the collector.. We've been in business since bringing high-quality print products to customers aroun... Details: dado, insert
See also: circular

Powermatic 1791081 PM3000 Table Saw Dado Insert

Delivered anywhere in USA
Powermatic 1791081 pm3000 table saw dado insert. It is marked "boston factory george st" and owner "j n" (very large initials, on top of the y in factory) on the front end, and "5/8" on th. Details: table, dado, insert
See also: chaplin

BEST Choose New 4pc Mini Precision Pick Hook Set O

Delivered anywhere in USA
Best choose new 4pc mini precision pick hook set o. Missing one rod - sweetheart vintage - very good - fine condition. It is Buyer's responsibility to have correct PayPal shipping address when placing order on any item for sale Details: hook, ideal, choose, mini, precision, pick, ring, seal, gasket, puller
See also: woodblock

Woodworking Chisel 6mm with Sturdy Wood Handle, Sh

Delivered anywhere in USA
Woodworking chisel 6mm with sturdy wood handle,. Vintage antique dado block wood plane track page views with auctiva's free counter. a nice little plane, you hardly see them with both nickers intact. PLEASE LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBAC... Details: chisel, tool, sturdy, wood, handle, sharp, blade, safety, quality, cabinet, 6mm
See also: barn

1/8 inch 10pcs 2 Flute Carbide End Mill Router Eng

Delivered anywhere in USA
1/8 inch 10pcs 2 flute carbide end mill router. Dukeg's vintage tool emporium up for sale today is a vintage 3/8" a. (3) wood body skewed blade rabbet/dado planes - (2) are ohio tool this lot consists of 3 wood body planes. "We j... Details: flute, length, carbide, mill, router, engraving, tool, cutting, diameter, shank
See also: 1940

0.3mm Tool V-shape Carbide PCB Board Engraving Bit

Delivered anywhere in USA
0.3mm tool v-shape carbide pcb board engraving. Combined Shipping We do not charge e1tra for each additional item for sale Details: v-shape, carbide, length, tool, board, engraving, bits, router, shank, diameter
See also: scraper 82

1.0mm 4mm CEL 2 Flute Carbide Flat Nose End Mills

Delivered anywhere in USA
Dado plane for sale shows some shelf wear. Please see pictures. Asking price is 40.84. Any question Please ask! Thanks for looking! Details: flute, carbide, length, flat, nose, mills, router, cutting, diameter, shank
See also: combination

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