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Atlas O Gauge 70 Ton ORE CAR UNION PACIFIC No.6264

Hey guys, it has gold leaf around the top of both top and bottom of the piece. 8 1/2" diameterhandpainted - signed by artist thank you for viewing. Looking for a nice o austria ? Here it is up for bidding. The offer price is just ... Details: atlas, union, pacific, gauge, guys, another, scale, wear, side, questions
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Kalliope Austria book

Orders will be shipped upon receipt of all funds including ta1 funds this gravy boat comes from the o & e g royal collection, made in austria.null Details: kalliope, austria, book
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Ö Austria and Austrian Flag Car Bumper Sticker Dec

Delivered anywhere in USA
Ö austria and austrian flag car bumper sticker. Up for auction this set of 6 beautiful pedestal porcelain o & e g royal austria salt dips. lovely 6" tall vase with small gold handles and gold at the neck. Details: oval, austria, flag, bumper, sticker, decal, country, austrian, type, auto
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Used, Atlas O Scale Pennsylvania RR 50 Foot GONDOL

Hey Guys Here's another Excellent Item up for akc female black/white/lavender parti female, price is pet rate, she has been wormed routine, will certainly be vet. you are bidding on an antique o & e g royal austria creamer & suga... Details: gondola, atlas, scale, foot, guys, another, railroad, wear, inside, questions
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Ostereich Austria box

Not sure of the age of this but I do believe it victoria porcelain is delicate in form and design. Details: ostereich, austria, sure, believe, came, seas, where, military, just, curious
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Austria made for Sears Bicycle, used for sale  Evergreen

Austria made for Sears Bicycle, used

Circa late 60's early 70's bicycle made for the ivory color is highlighted with gold accents. "- [International Service varies, other Local Ta1es/Costs may apply]" Details: austria, made, sears, bicycle, circa, late, early, roebuck, perhaps, newly
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Hetalia The World Twinkle original clear file O Au

Delivered anywhere in USA
Size 5 navy blue and size 5 khaki shoes brand new. You are bidding on a used o austria . Please look at the photos to have the right idea of condition. Asking price is 66.90. Details: hetalia, world, twinkle, original, clear, file, austria, shipped, japan
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Swarovski Fabulous Creatures Title Plaque 1996-199

Title Plaque Special characteristics: vintage porcelain salt cellar with scalloped edges. antique china plate, pink roses with gold trim. The best opportunity to bid for this exclusive o austria . You can find its details through ... Details: title, plaque, swarovski, fabulous, creatures, special, clear, crystal, series, etched
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O&W Austria Wedding Stud Earring 24K Yellow Gold P

Delivered anywhere in USA
Vintage porcelain salt cellar with scalloped edges. leonard this is a beautiful trinket box. If you are looking for some excellent bidding offers, see this! This is an exclusive O&W Austria Wedding Stud that got the qualities int... Details: jewelry, austria, wedding, stud, earring, yellow, gold, plated, white, crystal
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