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Local Classifieds

Local Classifieds are a growing market. Despite a certain maturity reached with the paper newspapers, they now have a second life. Indeed, mobile applications and the trend towards reuse are making them major platforms for the ecological transition. The local side strengthens the links between citizens and facilitates exchanges and trust. The ecological side allows families to benefit from quality products at an advantageous price. Local Classifieds are often divided in these groups : jobs, real estate, products (stuff for sale) and cars.

Gearbest has been out of the game for a couple of days now, it's time to find a gearbest alternative

Buying used stuffs is now easier than ever. There are many trust-worthy sites that allow users to post their used items, and you can easily order for these items from the comfort of your home. tries to make this shopping experience even easier. The site crawls all the notable second-hand market sites and presents all products in a single platform. You can easily compare the prices of the various items on different websites and pick the fairest deal near you. You will need to input certain keywords on the search bar to find the products.

It can be challenging to always search for products and find someone else already made the purchase. tries to reduce this frustration by notifying you whenever a certain item is posted on a second hand shopping site. You will have to sign in and enable notifications for various keywords. With this feature, you will not even need to keep searching for the item. is not involved in the individual transactions made by the buyers and sellers. When you find the product you were looking for, you will just click on the ‘contact’ button, and then you will be redirected to the site where the ad was posted. This could be eBay, Amazon, or any other major second hand shopping website. Through this site, you can find products like clothes, music, office furniture, toys, DVDs and CDS, accessories, and books.

It will be up to you and the seller to determine how the products will be transported. If you both live close together, you can even choose to meet for a more straightforward exchange. A shipping service could be necessary for parties that live far apart. If you choose to meet the seller, be sure to select an open and public place. It is easy to run into conmen, thieves, and other dangerous people when shopping online, and that precaution can help keep you safe.

It is also important to use the services of a trusted and reputable shipping service. Such companies can offer guarantees that the items will arrive safely and undamaged. If you are buying fragile items like antiques, electronics, and household appliances, you should ask the seller to package the products properly. Otherwise, you may receive broken items.

Buying Used Stuffs for Sale

Today, the majority of people from developed countries shop online and not in physical stores. The main advantage of online shopping is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone or desktop device. With sites like, you will also be able to find the best deals on every product without having to walk from store to store. The site will simply show you all the available offers on the internet and allow you to shop from whoever you like. Another often unappreciated advantage of online shopping is that you may not have to deal with the stress of carrying heavy bags from the store to your house. The seller can simply send the products through a shipping company.

Tips to Help You Avoid Scammers

Unfortunately, online shopping sites are full of scammers and thieves. When you walk into a store, you can be sure that it exists and is likely to be there tomorrow. But online sellers can disappear even before you complete the transaction. One way you can avoid getting conned is by using the services of online markets that you trust. Sites like Amazon have very few cases of fraud since the site has security measures in place. Also, you can avoid paying using your credit card, unless you are dealing with an established retailer. A seller can easily get your credit card information and rob a lot of your hard-earned money. Safer alternatives would be e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller.

If you have to shop with a credit card, make sure the site is secured with SSL encryption. This security is shown by a padlock symbol next to the address of the website. Some people will accept cash if you shop within cities like San Antonio, San Jose, Dallas, and San Diego. However, it is always better to have a digital money trail in case a problem occurs.

Communicating with Sellers

Everyone negotiates the prices of second-hand goods. When communicating with the seller, it is likely that they would ask for some personal information. It will be up to you to secure your sensitive information since the seller may be implementing an elaborate scheme to steal your identity. Even sites with high-security features cannot prevent you from revealing your sensitive data.

If you’re from US cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, you should avoid giving the sellers your address or any information that will show which times you leave the house and when you come back. The seller may use this information to deliver the items, but they could also just be intending to find the times when your house is empty. It is easy to meet up with sellers if you’re from the same place, and these meetings should always be held in open places where nothing shady can happen. If you’re living in a place like Phoenix or Philadelphia, and you intend to purchase products from a seller in Houston, you can use affordable but reputable shipping services.

Pricing does not take ads directly from sellers, and we do not have any control over the prices of the goods. Generally, the sellers themselves will determine the cost of the goods. The price will mostly depend on the condition of the products. Although some people sell their products for very low prices in an effort to get rid of old items, many others are out there to con people when they don’t even have anything for sale. You will be safer if you choose to buy products that are reasonably priced. Also, remember that the prices vary from region to region. An item could cost a lot of money in New York, but it would be a lot cheaper in a smaller town or rural area.