Smart Second-hand Buying

07/12/2017 Article

Are Kids Extinct in the Wild ?

27/11/2017 Article

Though we often look back at childhood with rose-tinted spectacles, one thing is unquestionably true. We spent a lot more time playing outside than today's children do. Where vast herds of unfettered youth once swept majestically across urban play areas, residential streets are now almost totally abandoned by young playmakers. Bombarded with technology and with instant access to games, films and other sedentary diversions, the amount of time kids spend in the great outdoors has been drastically reduced. When you add changing attitudes to what constitutes safety, it’s plain to see why children playing in the wild are an endangered species. Read more

Christmas shopping

30/12/2015 Article
The festive period is nearly upon us, so if like most people you leave it until the last minute, we have a few ideas here to help you along.
Gamers and Toy Enthusiasts:
  • “Star Wars” Episode 7 is about to be released and you are sure to know someone who loves to collect Star Wars paraphernalia. Why not look into buying a Star Wars Lego set for the fans of the series?
  • Video games are always popular and there is always someone in the family who desires the latest console for Christmas. Why not get them a PS4?
  • Tablets are so versatile; you can watch movies, play the latest games, watch movies and of course capture special moments with pictures and video.

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30/12/2015 Corporate
2016 is almost here. While we are still in the festive spirit, the used-forsale team is at rest and is taking a long awaited vacation!
Used-forsale expands

We already told you on our blog that the company is growing and is looking for new talent in order to become the best in our field: classified ads. Read more

Merry Christmas - Infographic

11/12/2015 Infographic

As an end-of-year gift, has created a special Christmas infographic.  We take a closer look the expenses of American.How much gifts do American buy? What's the average budget gift? Did you know that you can save 35% by purchasing a second-hand iPhone 6 on our website?  Read more


04/11/2015 Infographic

Thanks for visiting our blog!
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Happy Halloween

04/11/2015 Infographic

Introduction USA

30/10/2015 Infographic
The brand new blog

We are the team behind the website The website was created with the view of helping people to save on time and cash. It can be a long process finding bargains on the Internet, so we thought we would try and put them all in one place. Our blog has been created to open a link between our users and us, and we're pretty excited about that! So if you would like to find out more about us, then please subscribe to our blog! Read more

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