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Check out these interesting ads related to "ibanez x series"

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Ibanez destroyer x series

Sold at 375 $

Ibanez destroyer x series dt 150 1982 red single dimarzio humbucker. maple bolt on neck . just set up. ready for rockin some def leppard!

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Ibanez x series (belleville)

Sold at 799 $

Selling this 1983 lawsuit era ibanez from my father-in-law's estate. it has a burgundy finish, birch body, and a maple neck with a skunk stripe. there are slight scratches on the side of the body and i can provide more detailed pictures...

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Superb 1984 ibanez "x-series" destroyer w/ brand new hard case! (fremont)

Sold at 650 $

Here is an ultra clean rock machine! this is an all original ibanez x-series destroyer. this is the triple pickup model, that ibanez marketed. it's pretty much in fantastic condition. i got it from the original owner. he had it in an...

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Ibanez x series (cadillac)

Sold at 300 $

This guitar has definitely seen some action: several gouges and scratches on body do not affect playability. considering that thing has likely been around since the 80s, she's holding up better than most of us. pick-up has been upgraded...

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