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Old used jack dempsey ads

2 tiger oscar and jack dempsey cichlids

Sold at 1 $

I am selling my two tiger oscars and jack dempsey cichlids. one is a regular tiger and the other is an albino, i would prefer to sell them together as i have had them since they were less than an inch long and they have always been with...

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Cichlids/ electric blue jack dempsey for sale (santa rosa)

Sold at 50 $

Have the following fish for sale: 2 x electric blue jack dempsey (3-4 inches) - $50 each 2x electric blue acara (3 inches) - $10 each 2x koi angel fish (2 inches) - $10 for both 7x gold barb (1-2 inches) - $10 for all 1x bolivian...

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Two jack dempsey fish for lawn care stuff (around pdx)

I have two very good looking and bonded pair of jack dempsey's that i would like to rehome. i am in need of some lawn care stuff, especially a chainsaw. please let me know what you have. ps...aquarium\stand not included

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Aquarium tropical fish jack dempsey (bohemia)

Looking to rehome 2 jack dempsey cichlids. these are rescue fish. both have damaged dorsal fins due to poor water quality. both appear to be males. free!!!!

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Jack dempsey cichlid (wesley chapel)

Hello, i am looking for a new home for my jack dempsey. it’s a beautiful fish, but it hasn’t been getting along with convict and it doesn’t let the convict eat. the convict has been around longer than the jack, so the jack must go....

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Jack dempseys autograph (riverside)

Sold at 20 $

Jack dempseys autograph on postcard from his resturant guaranteed authentic or money back

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Vintage jack dempsey autographed postcard world heavyweight champion (riverside, nj)

Sold at 75 $

This postcard is personalized, signed and dated by jack dempsey to my aunt june in 1969. i believe he wrote "to june thanks + lots of luck". there is no certificate of authenticity but it is guaranteed to be original. picture on the...

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Jack dempsey cichlid fry (journal square)

Sold at 2 $

My jack dempsey cichlid parents gave birth to fry and i am selling them $2 per fish. cash only - pick up from journal square

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Jack dempsey (woonsocket)

Jack dempsey rehoming $15 obo or willing to entertain trades

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Tropical fish freshwater plecos pleco jack dempsey (southbay)

Sold at 10 $

Selling some nice freshwater fish: geophagus eartheaters great color 6” two for $120. electric blue jack dempsey 5” $75 mellenium rainbowfish pair 5” $50 bala sharks 6-7” all 7 for $120 loaches: angelicus 4” all 4 for $30...

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Breeding jack dempsey’s (mckinney)

Sold at 30 $

I have two jack dempsey’s that breed several times a year. we want to relocate them to someone who works with fish. we do not sell the babies. asking a relocation fee for them!

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