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Old used kiln cones ads

Ceramic kiln cones and stilts (mid city)

Sold at 25 $

Box of assorted cones for cone sitter kiln - also included in the price a bag of ceramic stilts. nothing wrong with these items i just got a new computerized kiln so i have no use for them.

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Ceramic kiln, paragon cone 10 (pomona/diamond bar)

Sold at 375 $

Fired less than 10 times. same as the paragon tnf 1613 ($1,479.00), but without the programmable controller. kiln fires with a single infinite temperature control knob. power panel will accept cone sitter, or any external programmable...

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019 pyro mini pyrometric cones bars ceramic kiln bell research open box

Sold at 3.76 $

This is an open box of small kiln ceramic pyrometric cones these are 019 cones there are 51 cones left in the box. i sold my kiln several years back and i'm cleaning out the garage. usps shipping

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Cress lt-3k electric top loading kiln. includes kiln furniture, stilts, & cones

Sold at 200 $

See photos for condition. cress electric kiln model lt-5k. comes with kiln furniture, stilts and pyrometric cones. pick up only, no delivery.

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Cone art electric kiln (eagle, co)

Sold at 1500 $

42" large oval kiln with electrical panel - 100 amp about 20 years old but in excellent condition (fired fewer than 10 times) includes some kiln furniture

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3 boxes of 50 pc each - cone 03 - orton small pyrometric cones ceramic kilns

Sold at 26 $

3 boxes of 50 pc each - cone 03 - orton small pyrometric cones ceramic kilns -- listed as used because some of the boxes rough -- most boxes unopened, but some the tape has fallen off, and a couple boxes are damaged, but contents checked...

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6 box lot 50 pc orton small pyrometric cones for ceramic kilns

Sold at 29.99 $

6 boxes. please see pictures for model numbers included in this lot. i am listing as used, as some boxes may not contain all 50 and i did not pick out the broken ones. i also did not count each box, but did look to make sure they were...

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Orton pyrometric cones for firing temp. in kiln (oregon city)

Here's one category of offerings at our sale friday in oregon city opening at 10:00 a.m. until about 4 p.m. if you are not able to attend the sale and would like to contact us, we will be answering email inquires after the friday sale....

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Lp gas fired ceramic kiln; 32" x 33" exterior, burt, cone 10, 2350f (west marin)

Sold at 490 $

Propane fired ceramic gas kiln manufactured by burt kilns in petaluma. can be converted to natural (pg&e) gas. hood included, 35" x 35". fires up to cone 10 (2350f degrees) octagonal, three sections, detached lid includes 4...

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Olympic torchbearer gas kiln+furniture, cone 10, new=$1500 (west madison)

Sold at 500 $

Olympic torch bearer 1827 gas kiln, brand new, never fired, with natural gas setup on base. 120,000 btu. you can google for a complete description, or go here:...

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Cress bar cone kiln (ponderisa)

Sold at 350 $

Cress kiln for sale very clean works great, replaced the cone selector switch feb-05-2018 max fire is cone 6 or 2250 degrees. 115v 15 amp kiln weight is 80 pounds, heavy gage element.i am asking $350 obo retail price new is $990.00 i...

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Large cress kiln model fx-23p w/kiln sitter lt-3 and cones (napa county)

Sold at 800 $

Large cress 240 model fx-23p kiln, with kiln sitter lt-3k and stand, measures, interior, 17.5" x 22.5". the kiln is in excellent condition. comes with extras: 4 full shelves, 18 shelf stands in three different sizes, cone plugs, and a...

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Cone 10 kiln package

Sold at 1000 $

Skutt cone 10 electric kiln ks model with 2 sets of shelves - i used one for bisque firing, and the other for glaze only. plate setters, cones, cone 10 glases and oxides for glze mixing included. i have no where to set it up where i...

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Skutt kiln model c180 + extra shelves, posts, cones etc (surrey)

Sold at 400 $

Great condition skutt kiln model c180 for sale. got it as a gift but never hooked it up. 240v * includes stand * a box of extra including shelves, posts, cones etc. cash + local sale only. please email if interested. thank you!

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Big cone 10 olympic kiln, furniture, vent, etc. (hampton)

Feel free to email or text with questions/offers/etc. big olympic kiln (2831h), ( ) with blank ring (makes it taller), 3 zone controller...

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Orton pyrometric cones & bars for pottery kilns, assorted cone numbers

Sold at 30 $

Self-supporting pyrometric cones, 6 boxes small pyrometric cones, 5 boxes pyrometric bars, 4 boxes see photos for cone numbers boxes are mostly full except for self-supporting cone 6 box, which has just a few remaining cones new...

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Trades/offers... cone 10 olympic kiln, furniture, vent, etc. (hampton)

Sold at 1500 $

Feel free to email or text with questions/offers/etc. big olympic kiln (2831h), ( ) with blank ring (makes it taller), 3 zone controller...

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Skutt cone kiln (eudora)

Sold at 250 $

I got this kiln to heat treat knives and it has worked really well. i'll include the thermocouple that i installed and some cones and rods. i'll post some more pics this evening. some of the bricks are cracked, but this has a stackable...

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