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Old used kiln glass kiln ads

Fish tanks (kiln)

Sold at 1 $

I have all glass fish tanks for sale some with tops some don’t have tops 10 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon and 55 gallon sizes these were breeder tanks most have the back glass painted blue they are all in good shape no leaks guaranteed i...

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Kiln for glass and beading and enameling (summerville)

Sold at 260 $

Amaco enameling glass kiln with paragon heat control and added pyrometer and large temperature gauge. has beading tiles cemented inside for beading rods. chamber size is 3.5h x 10d x 7.75w. check pictures out. best to text if interested....

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Jen ken chili pepper annealing kiln (downtown wichita)

Sold at 390 $

I have a jen ken chili pepper kiln that i no longer need. it was used a handful of times. it works well and i can demo at time of sale. uses regular 120 volt wall plug. ideal for small glass projects, beads, annealing, etc. features...

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Paragon sentry 3.0 kiln (knoxville)

Sold at 99 $

This kiln is in excellent condition and gets super hot. great for lamp work, metal annealing, glass name it. it is programable. a new one will cost you $795 on fire mountain (if they have one) and paragon listed the expected...

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Copper enameling supplies frit powder n copper pieces with kiln must (ellicottville)

Sold at 100 $

Lots and lots of copper earrings, bracelets, necklace, and other copper parts. some powered glass frit with other odds and ends. i also have a very small kiln good for making jewelry or small things that i have not tested. also comes...

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Amaco kiln for pottery / ceramics / glass (homestead)

Amaco kiln, model ec-55 from their master kiln series. this kiln has never been fired, but has some interior cosmetic damage from moving. otherwise excellent condition. best used for firing earthenware, metallic overglazes, and glass....

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Kiln glass (iridescent) bullseye - 8"x10" sheets (stained glass) (bergen county)

Sale --- prices just reduced. take 15% discount on every price listed below. bullseye 90** fusible eight assorted shimmering colors of thin glass in 8"x10" pieces --- $11 each. perfect for layering jewelry. also, one piece of irid...

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Kiln glass (opal) bullseye full sheets/small cuts (stained glass) (bergen county)

Sale --- prices just reduced. take 15% discount on every price listed below. bullseye 90 fusible cobalt blue #0114-50 16.5"x16.5" - $25 spring green #0126-30 15"x20" - $25 steel blue #0146-50 7"x15" - $7 black #0100-30 8"x16" -...

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Kiln glass (streaky) bullseye full

Sale ---- prices just reduced. take 15% discount on every price listed below. bullseye 90 fusible french vanilla #002037-30 17"x20" - $21 charcoal grey/white #2129-0000 6"x19" - $7 cash only all sales final

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Kiln glass transparent bullseye -full

Sale --- prices just reduced. take 15% discount on every price listed below. bullseye 90 fusible light green #1107-50 17"x16" - $25 garnet red #1322-30 17"x20" - $25 medium amber #1137-50 17"x19" - $25 aventurine green #1112-50...

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Temco enameling kiln / furnace (allentown, nj)

Sold at 165 $

This small temco furnace can be used by the glass artist, enamellist, jeweler or for heat treating small tools and knives. the unit is solid and works well. it has a stepless (continuous control from 0 to 100%) temperature control with...

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Bullseye glass - 29 sheets for kiln fusing, fused glass, stained glass (kendall, fl)

Sold at 250 $

Lots of brand new sheets of bullseye glass. 29 sheets total: 22 colored sheets and 7 clear sheets of 90 coe bullseye brand glass. 10x10” and 3mm thick. price is for all 29 sheets. individual sheets $10-$15 each. see below for item...

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Glass kiln (northampton)

Sold at 300 $

Never used jen-ken kiln. no computer so it can't be programmed. i think it would make a good test kiln or hot box for someone. i am a potter and not a glass artist so i don't know to much about it. it has small stilts and a shelf. 120...

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Paragon sc-3 silver & glass kiln (fargo)

Sold at 625 $

Paragon sc-3 silver & glass kiln was used a handfull of times and is in good condition. it can be used for firing art clay silver and pmc silver clays, decals, china paint, enameling, and glass. also great for the jeweler/artist...

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Computerized glass kiln (cornville)

Sold at 400 $

Jen ken computerized glass fusing kiln. 2 ft octagonal inner chamber, new lid with coils. this kiln is not suitable for clay. can be programmed for multiple firings, holds and temperature ranges. comes with a shelf and a short stand....

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Bethlehem champion xxl kiln (westminster)

Sold at 1500 $

Selling my glassblowing torch & kiln, both used, plenty of life left. first 1500 takes them home. glass, glassblowing, glassblower, lampworking, boro

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Paragon bead kiln (longmont)

Sold at 650 $

This is my personal kiln that i am selling. i used it for glass beads and pmc clay. it is in excellent condition and has not been used in a few years. it has an access door in the front and is perfect for annealing beads or adding other...

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Evenheat rampmaster 2 glass fusing kiln (lafayette)

Sold at 750 $

Kiln in very good condition. 48" wide, 30" deep, 18" tall. stand adds another 9" in height. pics of plug and socket are to reference the power connectivity requirements of the unit. comes with stand, kiln wash, manual, and a kiln shelf.

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Vcella front load kiln model 6 (ashburn)

Sold at 500 $

This is a top quality vcella kiln for glass-fired enamel crafts and other applications. vcella is a premier manufacturer of kilns for jewelry, casting and many other applications. i bought the kiln brand about three years ago. it has...

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Skutt kiln c'mon folks great deal here!

Sold at 1250 $

Skutt custom kiln-gm1214. ck631 240 v chamber size is 28" x 13". it does have a stand. 6 elements up entire inside of chamber and 1lid element. has lid assist for 1 finger lid lifting/very easy to lift. this runs on 220 v power, so...

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