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Ats-3b.1 appalacian trail sprint unbuilt kit amateur radio ham qrp kd1jv nice!!

Sold at 156.5 $

At sprint (ats) qrp unbuilt rig model 3b.1 this is an unbuilt kit called at sprint; that is, appalachian trail sprint. it is a very nice cw rig. shirt-pocket-sized, dds-based, multi-band cw rig! please note that i paid over $190 for this...

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Oak hills research ohr 100a 40 meter qrp cw transciever kit

Sold at 76 $

Up for grabs is an oak hills research ohr100a 40-meter transceiver kit, mostly unassembled. four diodes have been soldered to the board (see photos), but the kit is otherwise unassembled and in like-new condition. all parts are present...

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Kd1jv digital dial amateur radio ham unbuilt kit qrp 100khz to 45 mhz freq count

Sold at 24.38 $

Kd1jv digital dial unbuilt kit frequency range: 100khz to 45mhz resolution: 100 hz update rate: 100ms input level: 50mv p-p min, 2 v p-p max sensitvity varies with frequency input impedance: 1 megohm display: 4-digit led supply voltage:...

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Qcx transceiver kit by qrp labs 20m (new)

Sold at 50 $

I ordered this kit from qrp labs and have decided not to build it. it is a brand new, unopened kit. there is a 6 to 8 week turnaround if ordering direct from qrp labs, you can have this one in a couple days. priority mail shipping for...

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Breadboard splinter qrp cw 40 meter transmitter receiver kit new unbuilt

Sold at 35 $

Breadboard splinter 40 meter qrp cw transmitter receiver, new and unbuilt. excellent winter project. 400-500 mw output. buyer pays only actual shipping cost.

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Brand 7.023-7.026mhz ham radio transmitter qrp pixie diy kit receiver adapter

Sold at 3.29 $

12345 store category us warehouseau warehousehome & gardenconsumer electronicsiphone & ipad accessoriescell phone accessoriesvideo game accessoriescameras & photobusiness & industrycomputer & netbook/networ​kingpet...

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Diy radio 40m cw shortwave transmitter qrp pixie kit receiver 7.023-7.026mhz tw

Sold at 3.2 $

E-wholesaler-worldwide thanks for your visiting our store! we will be here for you, whatever, whenever store payments shipping return terms guarantee about us   diy radio 40m cw shortwave transmitter qrp pixie kit receiver 7.023-7.026mhz...

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Small wonder labs retro 75 qrp transceiver amateur radio ham classic kit

Sold at 20.5 $

Small wonder labs retro 75 transceiveram transceiver qrp kit board size = 3.5 by 5.27 inches xtal transmit 3.885 mhzoptional second channeltunable receiver-50khz4khz receiver crystal filteroutput power is 2.5 watts carrier/8 watts...

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40m-super-rock-mite-qrp-cw-transceiver-shortwave-ham-radio recever diy kits

Sold at 19.12 $

40m-super-rock-mite-qrp-cw-transceiver-shortwave-ham-radio diy kits 51 version main indicators : power: 12v-13.8v (recommended linear power supply) antenna: 50 ohm, unbalanced transmit power: 12v / 5w (using 12v power, long time launch...

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Norcal power/swr meter unbuilt kit amateur radio ham qrp hf w/case

Sold at 26 $

Norcal northern california power/swr meter inline use for hf unbuilt kit this is an inline power and swr meter. designed for hf use, it will measure from 0.1 watts to 9.9 watts. lcd displays power and swr and analog meter indicates the...

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40m cw qrp pixie kit receiver 7.023 buy 1 get 1 free / free shipping

Sold at 13 $

The kits come with 7.023 crystals only. buy 1 get 1 free free shipping i have these kits here in the us, you will have your kits within 5 business days from the time your payment is received. no need to wait 45 days to get it from china....

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Kit qrp backpacking 9:1 unun for random wire, end-fed, sota, pota, female bnc

Sold at 17.99 $

Diy build your own 9:1 unun for vertical antennas, long or random wire antennas, and end-fed half wave antennas. used to bring the impedance load of the antenna to a more "tuner friendly" level. for qrp 20w watt max. this is a kit that...

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40m cw transmitter qrp pixie kit plexiglass case 7.023mhz free shipping

Sold at 11.5 $

Free shipping, this kit will be in your mailbox within 4-5 business days. kit comes with 1 crystal 7.023 with this kit, you also get my rendition of parts list so you don't have to scratch your head with the included chinese parts list....

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Hendricks survivor qrp 75m ssb transceiver - kit with digital display

Sold at 59 $

This is a kit (untouched) for the doug hendricks 75m ssb qrp transceiver that i just never got around to building. it has the optional microphone and digital dial with it. (note, the parts and pcb are...

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Qrp radio 40m cw shortwave transmitter qrp pixie kit receiver 7.023m diy kits

Sold at 3.99 $

Qrp radio 40m cw shortwave transmitter qrp pixie kit receiver 7.023m diy kits pls note: diy kits,need weldding by yourself overview this is a classic, low-power transceivers. very small, simple 40 meter band low-power transceiver using a...

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Kanga foxx-3 80 meter qrp cw transceiver kit w/manual unbuilt

Sold at 39 $

Kanga foxx-3 80 meter qrp cw transceiver kit, new and unbuilt. includes altoids mint tin and instruction/assembly manual. approximately 1 watt output. buyer pays only actual shipping cost.

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Qrp sdr transceiver hf-vhf diy kit 2017 last one (10% off)

Sold at 130 $

Multibandsdr transceiver hf/6m diy kit 160-6m ((( partial diy kit ))) ¿what you get according to the amount paid?$130+ shipping: sdr motherboard diy kit with the 90% of the components$100+ shipping: sdr motherboard diy kit...

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Softrock ensemble rxtx sdr unbuilt kit amateur radio qrp kb9yig 1 of 5 bands

Sold at 50 $

Softrock rxtx ensemble sdr receiver unbuilt kit 1.8mhz thru 30mhz (one band only) a software defined radio (sdr) for 1.8 thru 30 mhz designed by tony parks kb9yig this is an unbuilt kit. partly thru-hole and partly smd (surface mount...

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Me40+ 40 meter cw qrp complete kit, sw40+, small wonder

Sold at 98 $

This is the me40+, 40 meter cw qrp complete kit. this is an exact reincarnation of the small wonder labs sw40+ with the blessing of dave bensons version of the sw40+. those of you that know the track record of this high quality rig can...

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V3 frog sound qrp kit cw transceivertelegraph shortwave radio + case / shell

Sold at 27.46 $

V3 frog sound qrp kit cw transceivertelegraph shortwave radio + case / shell the shell is assembled with the transmitter and can be used directly aluminum case size : 83mm*32mm*70mm the telegraph:...

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