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Porcelain quan yin kwan yin (alhambra)

Sold at 500 $

Rare japanese kannon or kanzeon porcelain statue. beautifully painted. comes with wooden case with glass panels. hinged door. golden washi paper back and floor. the case shows some wear due to age but in solid shape with no damage. the...

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Quanyin concrete statue

Sold at 400 $

Vintage (1970's) quan yin concrete statue. great shape, no chips. very heavy!

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Sterling silver quan yin pendant (austin)

Sold at 40 $

Quan yin, or gaunyin is the buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion and mercy in many taoist, chinese and buddhist cultures. this is stunning little pendant in sterling silver. measures approximately 1" long and 1/2" across

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Quan yin blue and white statue cdc (528 north el camino real)

Sold at 200 $

Quan yin blue and white statue 22" high if you have any questions please call ***

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Quan yin (chinese goddess of compassion and mercy) bamboo carving (west palmdale)

Sold at 100 $

Beautiful carving on bamboo roots, with wood base; another standing quan yin wood carving $50

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Life size wooden sculptures of buddha and quan yin (marin)

Sold at 1000 $

Very special, high quality carving of the goddess quan yin. from indonesia, 40 inches tall 20 inches wide. perfect for home, office or temple. credit cards and paypal accepted. $950 each. keywords...gwun, gun, yam, kwun, kun, iam, in,...

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Hand carved quan yin on dragon (brentwood)

Sold at 75 $

Hand carved quan yin on dragon of uncertain age. beautifully carved. the wood is very dense and the hand polished surface is very dark brown throughout. the dragon is missing one tooth, but this is mentioned for accuracy only as it does...

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Vintage ceramic quan yin buddha statue and stand (culver city / palms)

Sold at 72 $

I inherited a statue of kuan yin, the goddess of compassion and wisdom from a martial arts teacher. this statue blessed his martial arts studio and home for many decades. she has a flawless form that seems to gently sway in the air...

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Old sculpture of quan yin (tacoma)

Sold at 2000 $

It's an old sculpture a similar one was $8000 on another site it's made of alabaster and cold to the touch all the time i believe it to be a healer of lost souls. if you look up the story you will see why. txt me

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