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Rabbit and cage

Hi i am selling a rabbit and his cage. im only selling him to downsize on the amount of animals and cages i have. the...

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Rabbit cage - $125

Custom rabbit cage made from a dog kennel. no longer have the bunny. don't plan on another. easy access tray for...

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Live animal trap extra large rodent cage garden rabbit raccoon cat 24"x8"x 7.5"

Sold at 20.79 $

Do you have any unwanted pests or rodents that you just cant get rid of? segawe has the perfect animal trap for you. our animal trap is safe and humane and build durable to last for years to come. it comes preassembled and easy to bait,...

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Rodent animal mouse humane live trap hamster cage mice rat control cat (surrey)

Sold at 15 $

Used for trapping: rats, weasels, chipmunks, flying squirrels, rabbits, mink, squirrels, muskrats, ferrets, possums, skunks. used only couple of times. $15 obo

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Large indoor bird rabbit reptile animal cage (northampton, ma)

Sold at 150 $

Unique animal enclosure cage. may be used for birds, rabbits, ferrets, small rodents, lizards or other reptiles. bottom tray pulls out for easy cleaning. large cabinet with two doors underneath. lots of storage. this is an indoor cage...

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Rabbit or guinea pig cage (monroe, virginia)

Sold at 70 $

The rabbits are gone. the guinea pigs are gone. and now it's time for this sturdy cage to be gone. well constructed with several access points, this cage is a cadillac for your rabbits or guinea pigs. two openings in the front, and one...

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Rabbit / rodent cage (uniontown)

Sold at 25 $

We had two full sized rats in this case for a few months. got rid of the rats. don't need the cage. it can open from the top or front. very good condition. comes with hay holder and food bowl. will also throw in foldable cage/fence for...

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Animal pet cage habitats for small mammal, chinchilla, reptile, rodent, rabbit (santa ana)

Sold at 100 $

I have so many habitats of various types and sizes they are sold originally at petco and petsmart. price depends on size. i even have small carry cages. animal pet cage habitats for small mammal, chinchilla, reptile, rodent, rabbit...

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Marchioro 24 x 24 x 9.5 tommy 62 wh/bl rodent rabbit rat cage

Sold at 39.99 $

You will get one marchioro 24.5 x 24.5 x 16" h tommy 62 wh/bl rodent rabbit rat cage. i just threw it up so you could get the idea of what it looks like. please look at the pictures .

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Best pet big guinea pig giant rabbit cage kit small animal rodent gate barrier

Sold at 49.97 $

Best pet big guinea pig giant rabbit cage kit small animal rodent gate barrier personal playground - your pet will have plenty of room for playing and keeping active while staying safe within the boundaries of this playpen.quick and easy...

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Rabbit cage (delta)

Sold at 125 $

This cage was hand built to be sturdy for rabbits/ guinea pigs/ chinchillas/ ferrets or any other rodent. it is approx. 5 ft in length and 4 ft tall to the bridge of the roof. it contains: - a protected area for the pet to hide away...

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Rabbit cage guinea pig rodent indoor or outdoor cage

Sold at 85 $

This cage is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small rodents. this cage is sturdy and comes with some accessories. come with wheels for easy moving and easy cleaning. the cage come with an upper floor as well as a ramp and a...

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Pet rodent cage - xlarge (indiana)

Sold at 200 $

This is a 4 tier pet cage originally used for small to medium sized rodents. wanted this one for my dwarf rabbit, but it takes up to much room in the house. little rusty. measures 3'x 5'1" x 2'.

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Live animal trap extra large rodent cage garden rabbit raccoon armadil (dallas)

Sold at 20 $

Live animal trap extra large rodent cage garden rabbit raccoon armadillo cat metal 32'' i purchased the trap to catch and relocate nuisance animals in my yard. i caught an armadillo and 3 optimums in the trap. i have no need for the...

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Rabbit cage - $40 (havana, fl)

Brand new, 24 x 24, poly slide-in tray (easy cleanup), plastic door edge guards, and urine guards. definitely the...

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Rabbit cage - $35 (fort plain)

I have a rabbit cage with pull out tray bought from tractor supply for 70 used i month will take 35 obo call no...

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Rabbit cage (circleville)

Sold at 100 $

Krolik rabbit cage designed so that both the mesh and the base can be completely dismantled. krolik rodent habitats come in space-saving packages, while also ensuring that your rabbit has a very large living space. completely fully knock...

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Two-story rat/rabbit/rodent cage (watsonville)

Sold at 50 $

Two-story, metal critter cage. measures 24l x 14h x 12d. $50/offer. please reply by email if interested. thanks!

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Single story metal rat/rodent/rabbit cage (watsonville)

Sold at 35 $

Metal critter cage. measures 20.5 l x 14 w x 24h. $35/offer. please reply by email if interested. thanks!

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Large cage for rats, chinchillas, ferrets, and small rabbits. (kennewick)

Sold at 150 $

Large cage that works best for rats, chinchillas, ferrets, and small rabbits. cage also comes with ball, exercise wheel, hut, hanging ladder, normal ground ladder, hanging hut/hammock, hanging food bowl, critter care bedding, and oxbow...

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