Preschool & Pretend Play Toys for sale

Keeping your toddlers and preschool-aged children entertained without sticking them in front of a screen is a challenge in this day and age. If you want to foster a better sense of imagination and start building vital skills early on, then you need to invest in pretend play and other preschool toys that encourage active engagement without a TV, computer, or tablet.

Keep an eye out for: 

  • Puzzles and building blocks to help develop fine motor skills and promote shape and color recognition.
  • Hand puppets to boost self-confidence and creativity.
  • Board games that encourage them to think logically as well as outside the box.
  • Pretend-play toys that help them learn to socialize and cooperate with others. 

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    Learning Resources Cash Register

    Children are never too young to start learning important skill sets that will help them succeed later in life. The Learning Resources cash register teaches them how businesses operate and the importance of money exchange.

    It features:

    • An LCD screen.
    • A solar-activated calculator.
    • 30 fake U.S. bills and 40 plastic coins.
    • A pretend credit card that swipes
    • A functional cash drawer that makes real register sounds.
    • More than 73 pieces all together.
    • Easy-to-press buttons for little hands. 
    Playmobil School

    If you are a parent who travels a lot with their toddler, you understand the importance of portable games that can keep them entertained no matter where you are. Playmobil School House Playset is a great example of a take-along game and comes with: 

    • A lightweight, portable school house that folds up for easy carrying.
    • Play figures that can turn their heads, bend, stand, and sit.
    • One adult teacher figure and three students.
    • Classroom decorations like books, desks, rulers, utensils, bicycles with a rack, and much more. 
    • Gender-neutral colors for boys and girls. 
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    Outdoor Toys & Structures for sale

    Children have a lot of energy and you do not want to keep them cooped up inside all day where they may break valuables or go stir crazy. Shop online through to get access to tons of cheap and reliable outdoor toys and play structures. If buying used, we generally recommend that you:

    • Avoid any playground equipment with obvious rust or other damage.
    • Buy modern toys and equipment that have up-to-date safety features.
    • Check online for toys or structures that may have been recalled for safety issues. 

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      Radio Flyer Scooter

      Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards are fun toys, but they can lead to injuries if they are not the proper size for your child. Consider a reliable Radio Flyer Scooter that comes with:

      • A durable, safe design made especially for uncoordinated beginner riders.
      • A wide base for better balance.
      • A special turning radius to prevent falls.
      • Comfort grips. 

      Do you remember racing box carts as a child? A PlaSmart Plasmacar racer is similar to one of these homemade toys and they feature: 

      • No batteries, no pedals, and no gears.
      • A patented safety seat.
      • Speeds up to 6mph downhill.
      • A weight capacity of up to 220 pounds.
      • A responsive steering wheel that is easy to turn. 
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