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Old used yaesu frg 7700 ads

Yaesu frg-7700 power transformer

Sold at 31.35 $

Yaesu frg-7700 power transformer. this is a rare item for the yaesu frg-7700 reciever, will suit any owner with a damaged or failed transformer. up for sale is the yaesu frg-7700 power transformer. the unit was removed from a working...

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Yaesu frg-7700 name emblem

Sold at 11.76 $

Yaesu frg-7700 name emblem/badge. this is a rare item and an original replacement for the yaesu frg-7700 reciever, up for sale is the yaesu frg-7700 name badge or emblem. the item is in excellent condition. an original replacement...

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Yaesu frg-7700

Sold at 250 $

Yaesu frg-7700. works very well, good working order. usual wear for the age. battery compartment is missing knob, still very solid. sold as is.

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Yaesu frg-7700 shortwave ham radio shortwave receiver *beginning to intermediate

Sold at 384.95 $

It is our pleasure to offer this yaesu frg-7700 on ebay. in operation of the yaesu, the unit tested perfectly and as designed by the engineers at yaesu. the tuning was smooth, the digital readout accurate, and the unit was sensitive to...

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Yaesu frg-7700 instruction manual

Sold at 10 $

Very good.

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Yaesu frg-7700 vintage am shortwave communications receiver ham radio

Sold at 0.99 $

Nice working vintage base station for details please look at the pictures thanks

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Yaesu frg-8800 shortwave communication receiver & yaesu fra-7700& yaesu frt-7700

Sold at 173.19 $

Up for sale lot of 3 units yaesu frg-8800 shortwave communication receiver & yaesu fra-7700 active antenna & yaesu frt-7700 antenna tuneruntested, for parts or repair only! yaesu model frg-8800: power to display, able to hear static on...

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Yaesu frt-7700 antenna tuner for the frg-7700!!

Sold at 109.99 $

I am pleased to present a clean yaesu frt-7700 antenna tuner. the yaesu frt-7700 antenna tuner covers the range of 150 khz to 30 mhz in six bands. it features a variable gain control. the rear panel and has two antenna inputs. one for...

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Yaesu shortwave receiver frg-7700 and active antenna fra-7700 - great rig for dx

Sold at 159.99 $

Used shortwave rig for general listening or dxing. good condition yaesu frg-7700 communications receiver and yaesu fra-7700 active antenna. both units work fine. the frg-7700 includes the optional memory modules (see photos). the vfo...

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Yaesu frt-7700 manual antenna tuner - for frg-7700 receiver - #1

Sold at 59.99 $

Excellent condition yaesu frt-7700 manual antenna tuner for use with a yaesu frg-7700 sw communications receiver (not included). comes with instructions. easy to connect to your yaesu frg-7700 receiver. this manual tuner is designed for...

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Yaesu frv-7700 vhf converter w/ telescoping antenna - for frg-7700 receiver - #5

Sold at 89.99 $

Excellent condition yaesu frv-7700 vhf converter for use with a yaesu frg-7700 sw communications receiver (not included). this unit is a "model a" unit for three ranges: 118-130 mhz, 130-140 mhz and 140-150 mhz. includes all cables and...

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Yaesu frg-7700 hf shortwave receiver!!

Sold at 279.99 $

I am pleased to present for your consideration a clean yaesu frg-7700 hf receiver. the yaesu frg-7700 is a multi-mode receiver covering 150 khz to 30 mhz in 1 mhz bands to include all longwave, medium wave (am) and shortwave frequencies....

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Vintage yaesu frg-7700 communications receiver

Sold at 9.99 $

Nice clean working yaesu frg-7700 communications receiver. estate item. powered right up. received well. very sensitive. i tuned around 80, 40, and 20 meter ham bands. cw and ssb signals received with no difficulty. good strong audio....

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Yaesu frg 7700 shortwave receiver am ssb cw radio plus converter

Sold at 329 $

Hello and welcome to my sale. this receiver has been tested and is in good condion. item will be shipped from the netherlands worldwide. in case you have a question, feel free to contact me. kind regards,

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Yaesu frg-7700 communications receiver and yaesu fra-7700 antenna

Sold at 130 $

This is a yaesu frg-7700 multimode receiver with a yaesu fra-7700 active antenna. the receiver covers 150khz - 30 mhz, to include lsb/cw, usb, am and fm. built in clock timer, 12 memories, variable rf attenuator,s-meter, dimmer, agc...

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+++ yaesu shortwave receiver frg-7700 - great dxer for listening to the world ++

Sold at 150 $

Used yaesu frg-7700 communications receiver shortwave radio for general listening and dxing. excellent operating condition. this receiver works fine. the left upper corner plastic band is cracked but it does not affect the radio in any...

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Yaesu frg-7700 receiver vfo assembly

Sold at 60 $

Pulled from a non working yaesu frg-7700 receiver. it was tested in my electronics lab and it is in good working condition. the knobs are included. the lamp was replaced with an l.e.d. that will last a very long time.

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Yaesu frg-7700, sw, ham radio, communications receiver

Sold at 329.99 $

This is a very good condition frg-7700 150khz to 30 mhz receiver. there is a little paint scuff on the top. front looks very good. this guy performs very well. this auction is for the frg-7700 only !! the fra & frt are offered...

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Yaesu frt-7700 matching antenna tuner for the frg-7700 & 8800 receivers

Sold at 149.99 $

This auction is for the little guy on the right & top right in the combo pictures. it is the yeasu frt-7700 antenna tuner designed to mate to the yaesu frg-7700 or the frg-8800 communication receivers. it performs very well with the...

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Great !! yaesu frg-7700 communications receiver - fast shipping !!

Sold at 300 $

This is a used yaesu frg-7700 in great and working condition. it does come with original manuals. what you see in the pictures it’s exactly what you’ll get. it may show some cosmetic wear because of previously being used nothing...

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